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Bridging the public and professionals

Improving the legal consultation model for the free legal advice scheme.

The intended audiences for the App are:

(i) The public

(ii) Pro bono lawyers

(iii) Government agencies


Free Legal Advice Scheme FreeDM

Unoptimized pairing of lawyer and case

Most effective lawyer for the case


Free Legal Advice Scheme FreeDM

2 month wait Few time slots

More time slots
Eliminate case worker interview


Free Legal Advice Scheme FreeDM

The time and place fixed without consultation

District Office only

Mutually convenient time and place

Saving public resources

Free Legal Advice Scheme FreeDM

Manpower for case worker consultation

Rooms needed at District Offices

Free up manpower and space at District Offices

Costs of implementation & maintenance

1 technician and 1 administrator.

Chat interface powered by bot engine as the primary touch point of the user journey. As for the backend, the bot engine is written in nodeJS and hosting on Azure to provide optimal performance to power the application, we also leveraging a calendar service to provide easy access for booking the available time slot for meeting with lawyer.