Brisbane is a great place to visit. People are friendly. Beautiful surroundings. For price-conscious travellers, it is also less expensive than Sydney and Melbourne.

I’ve visited Brisbane twice and stayed for a total of 18 months. Brisbane is, without a doubt, the best destination to visit. When I make new acquaintances, I always advise them to visit Brisbane. Brisbane is Australia’s most amazing, hippest metropolis and a rising star by the travel bible Lonely Planet. Don’t miss out on such a fantastic location! Brisbane, in my opinion, is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. And I’ll explain why.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Brisbane right now.

You’ll meet some incredible folks - When I look at my Facebook friends, I have more Brisbane friends than friends from my country. The people of the area are inherently warm and kind. In comparison to the rest of the globe, the hospitality here is fun rivalled. You will also make many foreign friends from all around the world. Don’t be shy; you’ll be greeted with a cheerful smile and a warm welcome wherever you go! In a nutshell, I love them!

Beaches and islands in paradise - The location is a slice of heaven on Earth. I’m not kidding. There aren’t many beaches in the world that compare to this place. The city is around an hour away from Surfers Paradise. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s probably the most well-known. There is an island, Moreton Island, which is the world’s third-largest sand island and is only 35 kilometres from the East Coast. Snorkelling around the shipwrecks is a fantastic experience. If you’re feeling sluggish, head to South Bank Street Beach to soak in the rays. How convenient is it to have a beach in the heart of the city? Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside.

Climate and weather - The annual average temperature is 26.6°C. The temperature is mild, so visiting Brisbane at any time of year is a delightful experience. While Europe is experiencing sub-zero temperatures, Brisbane is experiencing warmth!

Food, wonderful food - Dining out with friends is one of the unique things to do in Brisbane. Sunnybank is a gastronomic utopia for Asian food lovers like myself, with great dim sum, smoked pork, and bubble tea. Little Lamb Happy Ranch, Madtongsan, Pancake Manor, and more are must-try restaurants in Brisbane.

Festivals and culture - Assume you’re going through Brisbane on your route to the Gold Coast for the day. The Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Galleries, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and Science Centre are all located on the South Bank, the city’s Cultural Precinct. It takes only 24 hours to complete. The Brisbane Festival, Spring Flare Festivals, Oktoberfest, and New Year’s Eve are just a few of the many events throughout the year. Why? For the simple reason that you will never be bored!

A healthy way of life - There are no tourist attractions, but you may get a feel for the city by walking around like a resident. The experience of kayaking on the Brisbane River at Riverlife is unlike anything else in the world. Are you not a fan of water sports? Segway excursions, cycling, and rollerblading are among the options. Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point seems insane, doesn’t it? Sure, you’ll need to be somewhat fit, but there’s no reason to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t forget to be wowed by knowledgeable instructors!

And now, give it a shot - I’m sure there are a lot more; do you have any suggestions? Please share your stories with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this wonderful city!