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Things I love and hate about Hong Kong

March 11, 2014

The situation is complex. I'm in love with you because you are special. In the meantime, hate is a strong word, but I don't like you at all.

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I was born in Hong Kong many years ago. I was one child out of a population of seven million in a metropolis of only 1104 square kilometres. We were completely in love, but it ended in a bitter fight. There are several things about Hong Kong that I used to adore. Here, I explain why we complicate things so much. Hong Kong and I have a love-hate relationship:

People love one another - Let's start with the positive aspects. The diversity of people always fascinates visitors. Tourists flock to Hong Kong because Hong Kong is instant China. That was a long time ago when China was a difficult place to enter. Tourists interested in seeing the real China can now do so. Hong Kong is likewise an immigrant-heavy metropolis with a diverse cultural mix. Foreigners are smitten with me in this town. Of course, I spend time with my family and friends. We're amusing, wise, and helpful. Furthermore, we are extremely hardworking, with the world's longest working hours. When I travelled to other nations, the slow pace of work drove me insane! It is instant and available 24 hours a day, not to mention the excellent working efficiency.


Too crowded is something I despise - It's a sad reality, but it's the truth. You were unable to purchase tickets or board the train. There were no seats available in the restaurant, and there was a long queue everywhere. Is there a better time to eat, then? All of the time, it's rush hour. You'll be afraid to drive since the traffic is so congested, and public transportation is woefully inadequate. People are always stressed out. There are just too many individuals with insufficient resources all around the world. In the city, it appears people and tourists are sandwiched into every available space. It disgusts me, and I despise it.

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Food is something I adore - When I'm hungry, it's the food that makes me fall in love all over again. The options are limitless. Also, it's tasty! There are many different eateries to pick from whenever you wish to go. You can eat almost any type of delicious meal at virtually any time of day. In many other cities, though, everything closes at night. I eat a lot when I get back here. My favourites are Chinese roasted pork, Taiwanese bubble tea, Japanese sushi, Korean BBQ, and unusual Hong Kong desserts, and it is undeniably a food paradise. It's incredible how eating can bring people together.

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Hate: it's too pricey - Unfortunately, housing prices are out of control! The more convenient the location, the more expensive it is. Locals may claim that this city has the world's most expensive rent and the smallest space. I agree that it is unaffordable. By the time I finish writing, it is becoming increasingly expensive.

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Love: happy memories - My childhood memory, without a doubt, is the aspect of Hong Kong that I enjoy the best. I'm exaggerating a little, but I had a wonderful childhood that was one of the most enjoyable periods of my life. I wish I could pick up an iPhone, travel back in time, and take dozens of pictures of all kinds of great people and wonderful things, but Instagram has not arrived yet.

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Politics of Hate - So, what happened? Why does this city make me melancholy or even depressed at times? The story began hundreds of years ago, but it was cut short. The communist party is primarily to blame for my disastrous relationship with this lovely city. I don't particularly appreciate how the media, education, and legislation are all under the influence of the government. I'm not a fan of their unwillingness to provide Hong Kong democracy. I despise their thievery. I understand they are sensitive to criticism of their favourite city, but I hope they can relax the freedom of speech.

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And now I'll always miss you - Okay, I believe you're starting to feel the heat. I'm aware of it. We might not get along: I'm not a fan of overcrowding. The rising expense of life irritates me. It is impossible to address the political situation. But, no matter what, I still love you because of the good memories, delicious food, and family and friends. I honestly miss them. Hong Kong holds a special place in my heart. Forever and eternally.

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