Things I Love and Hate About Hong Kong

March 11, 2014

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The situation is complex. I love Hong Kong for its unique qualities, yet there are aspects I find incredibly frustrating.

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I was born in Hong Kong, one individual among a population of seven million, crammed into just 1,104 square kilometers. My relationship with this metropolis is a love-hate affair. Here, I'll explore why.

Love: Diversity of People

Let's start with the positives. The diversity of people in Hong Kong always fascinates visitors. Years ago, when China was difficult to access, Hong Kong served as 'Instant China' for tourists. Now, visitors can easily see the real China, but Hong Kong remains a melting pot of cultures. Whether it's with my family or friends, we find the city's atmosphere electrifying. We are hardworking, efficient, and offer some of the world's longest working hours. When I travel abroad, the slower pace of life drives me crazy.


Hate: Overcrowding

One downside? The overcrowding. Whether you're trying to buy tickets, catch a train, or find a table at a restaurant, there's always a long queue. The city feels like it's bursting at the seams, and that stress permeates the atmosphere. It's something I find suffocating and absolutely despise.

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Love: Food

When it comes to food, Hong Kong never disappoints. The options are endless and incredibly delicious. From Chinese roasted pork and Taiwanese bubble tea to Japanese sushi and Korean BBQ, Hong Kong is undoubtedly a food paradise. The joy of eating is something that consistently pulls people together.

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Hate: High Cost of Living

The city's sky-high cost of living is a significant downside. The more convenient the location, the more exorbitant the price. Locals often lament that Hong Kong has some of the world's highest rents for the smallest living spaces. And the prices keep rising.

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Love: Happy Memories

One of my favorite aspects of Hong Kong is the nostalgia it holds for me. I had an incredible childhood here, and I wish I could have captured those moments with the technology we have today.

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Hate: Political Climate

What's the source of my discontent? The influence of the communist party on this once-vibrant city plays a significant role. I dislike how the media, education, and legislative systems are under governmental control. I resent the authorities' unwillingness to grant Hong Kong democracy and their suppression of free speech.

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In Conclusion

Despite the negatives—overcrowding, rising costs, and political strife—I still hold a special place in my heart for Hong Kong. It's the memories, the food, and the people that keep me attached. Forever and always.

I hope this offers a more nuanced understanding of my relationship with this complex city.

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