How to customize Sublime Text default Auto-complete

I use Sublime text 3 everyday, especially the JavaScript autocomplete feature.

For the if-statement, the default completion popup has an unnecessary semicolon at the end.

if (true) {};

Using JSHint, it gives me an error for most of the code I written.

It is counterproductive to manually delete it everytime.

Here is a solution for this problem:

  1. Go to Preferences Browse Packages to open the Sublime Text Folder.
  2. Find the folder called JavaScript (if it doesn’t exist, create one).
  3. In the folder, open if.sublime-snippet (if it doesn’t exist, create one)
  4. Delete the semi-colon so your snippet now looks like this:
<snippet> <content><![CDATA[if (${1:true}) {${0:$TM_SELECTED_TEXT}}]]></content> <tabTrigger>if</tabTrigger> <scope>source.js</scope> <description>if</description> </snippet>

Originally published at on November 25, 2014.


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