How to Customize Sublime Text's Default Auto-Complete

December 22, 2014

I use Sublime Text 3 every day, and I particularly appreciate its JavaScript auto-complete feature.

2014 12 22

However, there's an issue with the default completion for if statements; it includes an unnecessary semicolon at the end:

    if (true) {};

When using JSHint, this semicolon generates an error for most of the code I write. Having to manually delete it each time is counterproductive.

Solution for the Problem:

  1. Navigate to Preferences → Browse Packages to open the Sublime Text folder.
  2. Locate the folder named JavaScript (create one if it doesn’t exist).
  3. Inside this folder, open if.sublime-snippet (create one if it doesn’t exist).
  4. Remove the semi-colon so that your snippet now looks like this:
        <content><![CDATA[if (${1:true}) {${0:$TM_SELECTED_TEXT}}]]></content>

By following these steps, you can eliminate the unnecessary semicolon and make your coding process more efficient.

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