Q&A with General Assembly Hong Kong

December 22, 2014

I was invited by General Assembly (GA) Hong Kong to talk about my experience in the Web Development Immersive (WDI) course.

1. Introduce Yourself and Describe Your Current Projects

My name is Victor, and I am a software engineer. Currently, I am working on several interesting projects that utilize JavaScript frameworks:

  1. A native iOS/Android mobile app using Ionic and the Neo4j graph database.
  2. A video chatroom using WebRTC, Node.js, and Express.js.
  3. A music visualizer using WebGL and Three.js.
  4. A LinkedIn-like network platform using Angular.js and MongoDB.
  5. A real-time voting system using Meteor.js and D3 data visualization.

Some of these are open-source projects. If you're interested in contributing or trying out the demos, please check out my GitHub.

2. Reasons for Choosing WDI at GA

Prior to enrolling in WDI at GA, I was a digital marketer responsible for social media promotions in Australia. My role sparked an interest in how technology is rapidly changing traditional media and marketing channels. Recognizing the importance of a good website as the cornerstone of digital marketing efforts, I was motivated to develop coding skills. I chose WDI at GA over night classes at a Hong Kong university because I wanted an education that was in tune with cutting-edge technologies.

3. Recapping the Student Experience

My favorite part of the WDI course was the camaraderie among students from diverse backgrounds. We all helped each other technically and emotionally. Web development is teamwork, and a website is too complex to build entirely on your own, regardless of your skill level.

4. How the Course Helped Achieve My Goals

My goal was to land a job in the industry, and GA's strong network in Hong Kong greatly assisted me. I networked extensively and participated in various events, including hackathons. Special thanks to Justin for his support during this period.

5. Top 3 Lessons from the Course

  1. Wireframing: Initially, I underestimated the importance of wireframing. With more project experience, I’ve come to realize that planning ahead saves time in the long run.

  2. User Testing: Continuous user feedback is crucial. Code should be driven by market demand and user needs, not just by what a developer thinks is cool.

  3. Learning How to Learn: The course couldn’t cover everything, so self-directed learning is crucial for ongoing development.

6. Life After GA: What's Next?

I abide by the principle of "Always Be Coding." The more you code, the better you get. Currently, I am strengthening my theoretical foundation to take on leadership roles in the IT industry.

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Victor Leung, who blog about business, technology and personal development. Happy to connect on LinkedIn