I am working on upgrade for Dynatrace AppMon from version 6.5 to 7.1. AppMon is a tool for gathering performance data, trusted by many clients and it helps developers to troubleshoot for issues in the application. This version upgrade includes new features and new UI dashboard. I am going to show you some steps here below:

Firstly, it is important to look up the requirements for hardware and operating system. (https://www.dynatrace.com/support/doc/appmon/installation/system-requirements-2018-april/) For example, if you are running legacy Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the help desk may not be able to support if you encounter with issues. Note that you would need 64-bit client and enough disk space.

Besides, you should move session storage location out of the installation directory first and it is recommended to back-up the session storage and configuration data. Check with the component compatibility matrix (https://www.dynatrace.com/support/doc/appmon/installation/upgrade-and-migration-guide/prepare-to-upgrade/component-compatibility/) beforehand as well.

Secondly, install the new AppMon 7.1. For linux, run the command:

    java -jar dynatrace-full-–64.jar

Then deactivate and upgrade the licenses. It would then put your server into grace period before the server shut down.

And click on the upgrade button of the license.

As well as the vouchers:

Thirdly, shut down the old version 6.3 collector, server and front-end server. And it would be a good timing for creating backup afterwards, including Performance Warehouse DB and Session Store.

Fourthly, we will use the migration tool downloaded from here: https://files.dynatrace.com/downloads/migrationtool/dynatrace-migration.jar?_ga=2.99489821.2038447488.1531071062-183051927.1531071062

It is used for the creation of migration archive with the command:

    java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceDTHome “<DT_HOME_OLD>” -targetArchiveDir “<ARCHIVE_DIR>”

where the **DT_HOME_OLD **is the old AppMon installation path and **ARCHIVE_DIR **is the backup directory. Notice for windows machine we would need administrator right to perform the step.

Next, we move the backup files to the new installation at 7.1 using the command:

    java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceArchive “<ARCHIVE_DIR>/<MIGRATION_ARCHIVE>” -targetDTHome “<DT_HOME_NEW>”

where the ARCHIVE_DIR/MIGRATION_ARCHIVE is the location of the ./dtma file while the **DT_HOME_NEW **is the path for the new Dynatrace 7.1 installation path.

And then register and auto-start additional collector instances.

Fifthly, we can start the new components, such as the collector, front-end server etc.

The client migration step could potentially be skipped, and we can activate licenses for the new servers:

Finally, double check the settings at the server and see the performance warehouse and storage session is migrated and connected.

It is recommend also to restart and update the agent. Last but not the least, check and validate everything is working okay. Let me know if you have any questions.