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On my social life in the future

March 27, 2021

In my ideal social life, I would have many friends, many of whom would remain close. Instead of being a shy and awkward boy who is invisible, I would be a very outgoing person.

I would be able to overcome shyness and connect with others and impact the entire globe. I would actively make my way around the room at home parties and social events, meeting as many individuals as possible and asking them about their life. I would get respect and friendship from others if I had a strong social network. I'd be comfortable chatting to people, sustaining a decent conversation, and developing new relationships.

The most important component in creating happiness has a strong social connection. Our brain reacts to social contact in the same way it reacts to the pleasure of being warm. I would have the confidence to face societal rejection without fear. At all events and functions, I can exchange pleasantries with everyone.

I'd be more approachable and capable of assisting others. At the same time, when my friends needed help, I'd be able to address their difficulties while also adding value to the community.

Furthermore, I would have a wife who would share secrets and be a lifelong partner with whom I could go through all of life's ups and downs, enjoy our good moments, and overcome challenges. She'd be my soulmate, someone who understands and supports me. As part of our larger social network and community, we'd be forming a family. The social connections would enable us to receive advice and support from individuals we care about, be more productive in our careers, and make better judgments by allowing my friends to express their perspectives.

We would be able to objectively understand our world and accomplish greater things if we worked together. Humans are social animals who collaborate as a team and as a society. This ideal social existence would be collaborative rather than competitive; we would live in peace rather than war.

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