The Ideal Future

April 02, 2021

I aspire to be an exceptional leader in my ideal future. Serving the community not only brings immense fulfillment but also requires ongoing learning to navigate a demanding environment.

2021 04 02

Leadership is never simple, yet it is achievable. It involves skillfully navigating politics, bridging gaps between individuals and departments, addressing sensitive issues, and exhibiting courage in risky situations. Leaders must inspire commitment, handle resistance effectively, and show up confidently in critical moments.

In this post, I discuss various roles within organizations—leaders, managers, team members, employees, superiors, and subordinates. All of these roles share one thing: they are performed by humans with different thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and working styles, often shaped by corporate culture.

Although I have yet to reach the level of a corporate leader, I strive to demonstrate leadership qualities and earn the respect of my colleagues. In any organization, CEOs and board members set the policies and are considered the true leaders.

A key distinction between leaders and managers is that leaders have followers, while managers have employees. A successful business owner or CEO must be both a leader and a manager to guide their team toward success. Leadership involves inspiring others to buy into your vision and collaborate on common goals, whereas management focuses on the administrative side of ensuring smooth daily operations.

Leader vs Manager


  • Focuses on people
  • Does the right things
  • Inspires
  • Influences
  • Motivates
  • Builds
  • Shapes entities
  • Creates shared values
  • Sets direction


  • Focuses on tasks
  • Does things right
  • Plans
  • Organizes
  • Directs
  • Controls
  • Follows rules
  • Assigns tasks
  • Delegates responsibilities

While the roles are distinct, a successful manager also embodies numerous leadership qualities. I believe that my leadership skills can enhance my career as a manager, benefiting both my company and myself.

My Leadership Qualities

My leadership qualities include Vision, Communication, Empowerment, and Role Modeling. A leader should have a visionary perspective, inspiring others to aim high. Leaders like Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs, who I greatly admire, have exhibited this visionary power. They were able to challenge the status quo and bring about significant changes in society and industry.


Effective communication involves more than just speaking well; it also means connecting meaningfully through various channels like face-to-face interaction, emails, and social media. Each channel requires a unique approach, but the content and structure of the message are what truly make the difference.


Empowerment in the workplace is increasingly becoming the norm. It involves delegation, authorization, and information sharing. However, self-empowerment is equally crucial for achieving efficiency in day-to-day life.

Role Model

A role model leads by example, exhibiting high standards of responsibility and integrity. Role models are self-aware, empathetic, and open to new ideas. They empower others by first empowering themselves.

As a new manager, I recognize that I have much to learn and that making mistakes is part of the process. I'm committed to continuous improvement and aim to positively impact society and inspire others to make the world a better place.

My journey involves developing my communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, and building strong relationships with my team. Learning to be an effective leader is an ongoing process that requires active participation, not just passive learning. Taking on real-life challenges and practicing leadership in low-risk situations is essential for growth.

In summary, my ideal future involves being an honorable and effective leader who contributes positively to the world. I admire many great leaders in history who may not have excelled in every area but had specific strengths that allowed their teams to achieve remarkable results. Like them, I aim to make the most of my strengths to create a better future for everyone.

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