A Future to Avoid

April 09, 2021

A life without significance paints a vivid image of an unfavorable future. People work diligently to achieve their goals in pursuit of their ideals. The purpose of science is to uncover truth, while art aims to display beauty. Acts of kindness and love define morality, and the value of political actions lies in achieving social fairness. Human desires for food, love, honor, and power all culminate in self-actualization. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, these values propel us toward the highest level of self-actualization in our lives.

2021 04 10

My values shape my daily actions. I strive to find value in everything, uncover significance in seemingly trivial matters, extract positives from negatives, and consistently live up to my life values. I believe this value system can guide me daily, enriching my life and improving my character.

To become my ideal self, I must avoid failing to achieve my goals, letting bad habits spiral out of control, and becoming dissatisfied, resentful, or bitter. I need to pursue various interests and invest significant effort. Filling my life with a variety of compelling content and activities, these pursuits will collectively create a more meaningful existence. The more experiences I have, the better I will understand my own life.

Living a distinctive and enriching life would help me avoid envy of others. I should focus less on physical possessions and more on psychological growth. I should never be content with my current state of mind but continually nourish my creativity and strive to become stronger and better.

In my career, I seek meaning and purpose. I aim to infuse my daily tasks with energy and connect them to the greater good. When I fail to make this connection, I become burned out and lose motivation.

Employees often distrust motivational speeches from bosses, suspecting that the main goal is to extract more work from them. However, a wise leader can turn a challenging situation into an extraordinary opportunity. As the saying goes, "Money follows management," and the inverse is also true: poor management leads to financial waste. A senior leadership team that makes poor judgments demoralizes employees and makes work feel pointless. In such a toxic environment, I must be aware that people may resort to deceitful and dishonest behavior, which I should avoid in the future.

Working solely for money can reduce my ability to experience emotions like joy and curiosity that come from pursuing meaningful goals. With sufficient passive income, I would have the financial freedom to explore and experiment. This decentralized approach allows for greater creativity and makes small successful trials even more rewarding.

To manage my productive anxiety, I need to engage in mental rehearsals. While some people may react negatively to my actions and words, I must remain passionate even if undervalued. I should strive to understand people's needs and interests, hear the assurance in my own voice, and speak with ease. In tense situations, I will employ sarcasm or withdrawal to avoid inadequate responses. As a leader, my aim is to inject energy into the workplace and make a positive impact on both relationships and the organization as a whole.

Virtual experiences can never replace real ones. I can't fully assess my enthusiasm for or competence in any endeavor without actually engaging in it. In simple terms, fear revolves around the possibility of danger. To conquer fear, I need to understand thoroughly the opportunity, odds, risks, and benefits.

Engaging in real experiences allows me to envision the future, predict my place in it, and plan accordingly. Volunteering provides a chance to apply my skills. I cannot afford to be passive and silent as time passes by.

I am acutely aware that I will die one day. While I don't know where I came from before birth or where I'll go after death, I do know that the present moment is unique and should not be wasted.

If I don't use my curiosity to try new things and discover new ideas and solutions, it would be a waste. I aim to inspire others with my vision and remain open to better solutions while avoiding idealism and perfectionism. For me, "good enough" is not acceptable.

My passion lies in creativity and innovation. I wish to collaborate with individuals who appreciate the application of creative and strategic thinking to solve problems. I can see the big picture, structure a problem, inspire strategic leadership with curiosity and ingenuity, and be well-suited for my ideal future.

A future to avoid would be one that stifles my principles and prevents me from becoming my best self. Should I find myself in a life filled with cynicism and resentment, I would know I have failed to live up to my potential.

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