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Healthy body, healthy mind

April 13, 2021

According to dualism theory, I frequently consider the body and mind to be two distinct entities; mental and physical entities are separate. Reading and exercise, on the other hand, are not mutually exclusive. Fitness can help you grow both your body and mind as one. Our health influences our mental state. At the same time, our thinking has an impact on our health. Our respiration, muscles, immune system, heartbeat, and other bodily functions are continually influenced by our ideas, influencing our thinking. Our body and mind are part of a complicated interconnected system, and it's difficult to isolate any element of it from the others. Taking care of our body allows us to take care of our thoughts. My goal is to develop fitness by combining the physical and mental aspects of wellness. Nowadays, I spend most of my time thinking and working in front of a computer, which has resulted in health problems and sadness. Physiology training would help me to think more clearly. Exercise releases natural hormones that help to control my mood.

I wish to be healthy since it is a prerequisite to reaching other life goals. It would be difficult to focus and accomplish greater results if one did not have good health. I'd have to make it a habit to exercise more frequently after work, either by running or swimming for an hour. This regular exercise habit can help us regulate our emotions and clarify our minds to make better decisions. Exercise is worth the time investment because it will increase our productivity and improve our brain's performance. Also, because we are what we eat, maintaining a nutritious diet rich in necessary nutrients will help us maintain a high energy level without becoming tired. My body metabolism slows down as I get older, and my body shape begins to change with a larger tummy; it is also important to keep a better body size. In addition, I'd like to be mentally strong so that I can deal with many life challenges and have positive relationships with others.

To be a leader, you must be mentally healthy. It's not always easy to define leadership because the term encompasses a variety of qualities, including being capable, stepping up, and serving as a role model with leading by example. It would be easier to convey the idea with the consequences of a lack of leadership, which would be disastrous for society. Lack of leadership has terrible repercussions, especially during crises, such as the unfortunate situation in Hong Kong. Those in positions of government leaders are not capable, while those who are qualified will not take over. Those in positions of power in the government do not use their authority to serve the people. Those in positions of authority are taking benefit for themselves only through their work. They should resign rather than continue in their leadership positions while rejecting public opinion. Great leaders, as the phrase goes, bring wealth to the country.

I'm more intrigued when I'm in good mental health. We tend to have a closed mindset, limit our options, avoid learning new things and reduce distractions in stressful situations. Those new learning may not have an immediate impact or be immediately beneficial. Instead, we should retain an open mind, pay attention to intriguing issues, learn from various experiences, and try new things. Still, we could create connections with time and reflection and see how our experiences could unexpectedly contribute to new ideas. As a result, by remaining curious about the world and other people, we could explore and step outside of our comfort zone to have a deeper understanding of other people's viewpoints. Even after you graduate from high school, you can continue to learn. And the best way is to ask intriguing questions that will pique our interest in learning more about different issues. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know, which leads to even more discoveries. Stay interested, stay foolish; if I can make this my mantra, I will continue to seek out and learn new things.

I have a more optimistic outlook when I am mentally healthy. We don't react to the world; instead, we act under our mental map of the world. Our five senses are the primary means through which we experience and respond to the world around us. Our mindset, not reality, decides how we behave and gives those behaviours meaning. It's usually not reality that restricts or empowers us, but rather our attitude about it. As a result, looking at the bright side of reality would give us a better chance of receiving what we desire. This way of thinking is preferable to seeking to alter the world for the better. My positive mindset is the culmination of my life's events, attitudes, and convictions. Negative experiences are filtered away from me so that they will not contaminate my new thoughts and ideas. Even if bad things happen daily and life is difficult, I stay hopeful. I believe that things will improve in the long run and that we can make an effort to see the bright side of everything.

I would contribute to the community as a result of a healthy body and mind. For us to serve the community, we need people skills. Exams in Asia educational system focus on our hard talents, such as programming, plan design, and balance sheet calculation. However, as I graduate from high school, I will be confronted with new people and obstacles. The person at the desk across from me may disagree with me, secretly despise me, or pursue a destructive secret purpose to harm others for personal gain. This person may provide me with helpful input or courteous criticism, pose as a friend, and then betray me to take credit for my best efforts. Different teams may work in isolation and never communicate with one another. Some people may remain silent, never raising their questions or concerns. As a result, soft skills can better manage all types of interactions to serve the community better.

Exercise has the potential to help us achieve self-actualization. Not when I'm bored or in a panic, but when I'm a little over-challenged, it is when I give my best performance. That's when our brain releases just enough adrenaline to keep us performing at our best. In addition, I have fun while doing things, which causes my brain to release dopamine. Peak performance is nearly impossible without pleasure. Self-actualization requires me to manage my stress levels, as high cortisol levels in circulation for lengthy periods can lead to despair and burnout. Physical activities regulate the releases of hormones which helps to maintain mental wellness. According to research, both melancholy and anxiety can be altered by movement and exercise. With a fight or flight response, the more stress we sense, the more worried we are. Instead, I would have a better chance of realizing my potential and completely developing my abilities if I could better regulate my brain through better reasoning, problem-solving, and abstract thinking.

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