Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

April 13, 2021

According to dualism theory, I often view the body and mind as two distinct entities, believing that mental and physical entities are separate. However, reading and exercise are not mutually exclusive. Fitness can help develop both your body and mind as a unified whole. Our health affects our mental state, and our thoughts, in turn, influence our physical health. Everything from our respiration and muscles to our immune system and heart rate is continually impacted by our thoughts, which also shape our thinking. Our body and mind comprise a complex interconnected system; it's difficult to isolate one element from the others. Taking care of our body allows us to nurture our mind. My aim is to improve fitness by integrating physical and mental well-being.

2021 04 13

These days, I spend most of my time thinking and working in front of a computer, which has led to health issues and feelings of unhappiness. Physical training could help me think more clearly. Exercise releases natural hormones that help regulate my mood.

I want to be healthy because it is a prerequisite for achieving other life goals. Without good health, it would be challenging to concentrate and attain greater outcomes. I need to make it a habit to exercise more frequently after work, either by running or swimming for an hour. This regular exercise regimen can help regulate our emotions and clear our minds, making better decision-making possible. Exercise is worth the time investment, as it boosts our productivity and enhances brain function. Also, since we are what we eat, maintaining a nutritious diet rich in essential nutrients will help us sustain high energy levels without getting fatigued.

As I age, my metabolism slows down, and my body shape begins to change, particularly around the abdomen. Maintaining a healthy body size becomes increasingly important. I also want to be mentally resilient to handle various life challenges and maintain positive relationships with others.

To be a leader, one must be mentally healthy. Defining leadership isn't always straightforward, as the term encompasses a range of qualities such as competence, proactivity, and being a role model. A lack of leadership, especially in crises like the unfortunate situation in Hong Kong, can be disastrous. Those who are currently in government leadership positions are unfit, while those who are competent are not stepping up. Those in power should be serving the public, not using their positions for personal gain. If they continue to reject public opinion, they should resign.

When I am in good mental health, I find myself more engaged and curious. In stressful situations, we often close off our minds, limit our options, and avoid learning new things. However, maintaining an open mind and remaining curious can lead to unexpected new ideas and perspectives. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know, which only prompts further discovery.

With good mental health, I also maintain a more positive outlook on life. We don't react to the world; we react based on our mental map of the world. Therefore, our mindset, not the actual circumstances, often determines our actions and how we interpret those actions. Negativity is filtered out, enabling me to maintain a positive perspective, even when faced with daily challenges.

A healthy body and mind will enable me to contribute to the community effectively. While the Asian educational system may focus on hard skills like programming or design, soft skills become increasingly important as we face different people and challenges in life. Effective interpersonal skills can facilitate better community service.

Exercise has the potential to lead us toward self-actualization. Peak performance is often achieved not when I'm bored or anxious, but rather when I'm slightly over-challenged. That's when my brain releases just enough adrenaline to help me perform at my best. Enjoyment also leads to the release of dopamine in the brain, making peak performance almost impossible without pleasure. Managing stress levels becomes crucial as prolonged high levels of cortisol can lead to depression and burnout. Physical activities help regulate hormone release, thereby maintaining mental well-being. Research indicates that both depression and anxiety can be mitigated through physical movement and exercise. A better-regulated mind can lead to improved reasoning, problem-solving, and abstract thinking, allowing me to reach my full potential.

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