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The importance of public speaking

July 24, 2021

What is your biggest phobia? Some people are terrified of dogs, while others are terrified of spiders, but we are frightened of public speaking. We are constantly concerned about being assessed by others and ridiculed by them. However, I am enrolling in a class to master public speaking because I recognize the value. It's a crucial talent to perfect since it affects you on three levels: personal, professional, and societal.

Until I witnessed a girl cry in front of me, I almost forgot about my dread of public speaking. I'll never forget that moment because I can picture her terror. She couldn't speak when the teacher urged her to try talking about a topic. She is a dedicated student who has attended numerous tuition classes. She is also a driven individual who aspires to work as a diplomatic translator in the future. She is intelligent and physically capable of speaking, but she is unable to do so.

I was moved by empathy. I understood the terror, but I couldn't do anything to help. The girl's mother sat next to her, pleading with her to speak up. She began filming her adorable daughter with her phone camera at first. She wanted to be proud of her daughter and had high hopes for her to do well in front of others. The mother eventually lost her patient, and it was at that point, the daughter's eyes were moist, and tears began to flow. The more the daughter waited, the more strain she put on herself. Is there anything we can do to assist? Let me attempt to explain my own experience in overcoming this apprehension.

On a personal level, public speaking can assist with unique branding and public visibility. I am an introvert who loves to be alone rather than speak in front of others. And I'm sure you've had the same experience in class: after a lecture, the teacher asks if anyone has any questions. Silence is the answer. The silence is particularly noticeable in Asian classrooms. In class, no one would raise their hand to inquire. They are afraid of asking foolish questions, not because they have no queries. "You may look like a fool for five minutes if you ask a question, but if you never ask the question, you may be a fool forever, for the next five years without knowing the answer." Standing up, speaking up, and daring to ask. It increases your self-assurance and makes a positive impression on your teacher. You will gain an advantage in school and life as a result of your increased visibility.

Public speaking is essential for us to communicate on a professional level. Engineering Manager is my title. What does a manager's job entail? As a manager, my primary responsibility is to communicate. Not the best coder, but the best communicator who could talk to the team, inspire team members to do better, write reports and give updates to senior executives, and present and impress clients. Last week, I presented my company's product to a CEO of a digital bank and a crowd of seventy individuals. I demonstrate how simple it is to open a bank account and transfer money using our services. I tried to use graphics, ask questions and add humour to attract their attention. As a result, the presentation was a success, with a lot of favourable feedback. For my job, mastering public speaking skills is a prerequisite.

On a societal level, public speaking has the potential to influence change. Regardless of which organization you join, such as the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Animal Care, or others, you must have a shared vision and a key message to convey to others. You can represent your company as an ambassador. For example, if you're concerned about climate change, consider Bill Gates authoring a book about it or Greta Thunberg, an 18-year-old activist from Sweden, advocating for it. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, the famous actor, gave a speech urging us to combat climate change. Being able to communicate effectively allows you to deliver important messages to the public and effect change.

In general, I'm not the finest public speaker on the planet. I'm just a regular guy with a passion for public speaking. I may not encourage the crying kid, but I do want her to continue to learn. It takes a lifetime to improve our skills and realize our goals. I hope the crying girl does not give up because she is afraid of the crowd and her mother's pressure. Because public speaking provides her with chances on all levels: personal, professional, and societal, we can even create opportunities for ourselves and others if the moment has not yet arrived. It's the ability to talk in front of a group.

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