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On imperfection

September 12, 2021

Is it difficult to create a book? It is debatable. It's difficult to become the best-selling author if that’s all you want to do. Writing, practising, editing, and polishing takes a long time. In truth, if you were a nobody, no one would read what you wrote. However, writing a book is simple if you write 50 words per day or one article per week. If you write consistently for a year, you'll have enough articles to compile a book, or maybe a series of compilations.

Is it difficult to give a speech? Both yes and no. Speaking in front of an audience is difficult, and I intend to give a flawless speech, with every word and sentence to wow everyone. Nevertheless, speaking on a topic for only 2 minutes is not impossible. Anyone, regardless of their voice, body language, or rhetorical tactics, is capable of doing so. It's already a success if the audience understands your main point. You don't have to overthink things or let your fear of public speaking overwhelm you.

Is it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Again, it appears that going to the gym every day, getting out of our comfortable beds, and exerting the sweat and effort required for exercise, takes a lot of effort. But, you know, 20 minutes of running or a couple of push-ups every day are doable. Once you've taken your first baby step, you'll gain the motivation to keep going and form a positive habit.

Is it difficult to date females? No one said it would be easy, and you might not expect it to be this difficult. When you're among your buddies, you're confident and at ease, but when you're with a gorgeous lady, you're afraid to say anything. She isn't biting you, but you are scared of embarrassing yourself if you speak to her. If she already has a boyfriend or is a lesbian, it could be risky. And she's not likely to be impressed by your clumsiness. As a result, she won't want to sleep with you. However, this is not the most important point. You want to have a pleasant time and engage in a positive discussion.

While the list of activities may go on and on, there is one thing that they all have in common. I have high standards for myself. I'm a stickler for details. I'm concerned with the outcome, with what others think, and with self-awareness. It may motivate me to be a high achiever, but it also can cause me to procrastinate. I didn't begin writing until I had a solid idea. If I didn't feel prepared, I would not have offered to speak. I didn't I went to the gym if I make many excuses about the weather. If I wanted to impress others, I didn't dare to talk to strangers. I'm afraid to take the first step because of the fear. In reality, this will result in inaction. Thinking alone would not result in action.

It is the act of acting that causes one to ponder and then act further. I realized it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined after writing, speaking, exercising, and socializing. I accept the possibility that my essay would not receive many likes, that my speech would not win an international contest, that my body would not develop a six-pack, and that my girlfriend would not be a model. But it makes no difference. The outcome is beyond our control, and it depends on a combination of luck and statistics.

What counts is to start to love the process: concentrating on writing is therapeutic, speaking to communicate a message is valuable, exercising helps me feel energetic, and socialising is simply fun. Accept the flaws in your life. It aids me in overcoming my imposter syndrome or the sensation of being a fraud who is afraid of making mistakes. Even as a successful genius, Albert Einstein suffered from imposter syndrome. Why should regular people be sceptical of our accomplishments?

What does it mean to be successful? The outcome does not define it. We are successful when we progress: a little better writing, a little more speaking practice, a little better health, and a little more beautiful as a guy. This little step is a success if you keep an open mind towards continuous improvement. It's something you and I could do.

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