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May 18, 2022

The area in my life where I have been afraid to try is meeting new people, talking to strangers and building connections. Because I have been afraid to fail, afraid to embarrass myself and fearful of rejection, this is an area that I believe will be a stretch and challenge for me. It's been important to me because I am still thinking about improving it.

When I was young, there were moments in school when I felt lonely. I enjoyed reading history books more than engaging with my peers to play silly games. Also, I witnessed how school bullying happened with naughty students laughing at others for being ugly, being too short and being stupid. The best way for me to not be bullied is to stay away from others, disengage and keep quiet. It is to avoid injustice in school with the trauma that I could never forget. Being unpopular is a scary thought.

In contrast, having a good relationship with everyone would lead to a better life. Being popular online would bring higher income, a better career, and more confidence, and it seems to be less stressful. I have to forget the experience of harmful interactions with classmates and re-learn how to be more friendly and grab every opportunity to connect, socialise and engage with others. To get better soft skills, I would need to have self-reflection, accept some of my assumptions in life are false, differentiate facts from misconceptions, collaborate more and show curiosity toward other people. By having the necessary soft skills, I could unlock success in life.

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