Vietnamese Street Food

July 11, 2022

Today, I am going to review Vietnamese street food. All the photos featured in this post were taken by me during the trip. I will showcase the authentic Vietnamese street food that I enjoyed throughout my journey.

Food during the Vietnam War

2022 07 11

In the Củ Chi Tunnels

Food during Vietnam War

I traveled with a vegetarian colleague for two weeks. Due to her dietary restrictions, all our meals were vegetarian. Honestly, I found the vegetarian dishes somewhat disappointing. This photo depicts food eaten during the Vietnam War—a dry, flavorless potato. The harsh reality of the time was that people were so hungry they had little choice. An elderly man told me he even had to eat dogs to survive. It's important not to judge in this context.

Motorbike Local Street Food Tour

Motorbike Tour

I could only indulge in proper street food on weekends when my colleague was not around. The most local way to enjoy street food is by riding a motorbike. Driving in Vietnam is an adventure in itself; traffic rules are more like suggestions. People say if you can drive a motorbike in Vietnam, you can drive anywhere in the world. Thankfully, I made it through without any injuries.

Bánh Tráng Nướng (Vietnamese Pizza)

Vietnamese Pizza

Vietnamese pizza is another popular dish. It is made with rice paper, making it light and easy to eat. Authentic Vietnamese pizza is cooked over an open flame, without concern for safety regulations. The end result is simply delightful.

Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Vietnamese Pancake

Next up is the Vietnamese pancake, cooked in a wok over real fire. The pancake is filled with various aromatic ingredients like morning glory, making it incredibly fragrant.

Bột Chiên (Fried Rice Flour Cakes with Papaya on Top)

Fried Rice Flour Cakes

While fried rice is a favorite of mine, this dish takes it up a notch. It's essentially fried rice flour cakes, and it's delicious.

Nem Bò Nướng Sả (Smoky Sweet and Savory Pork Skewer)

Pork Skewer

Pork skewers are also a hit. Pigs might be smart, but they're also incredibly tasty.

Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Baguette)

Vietnamese Baguette

The French colonial influence in Vietnam has left us with this delicious Vietnamese baguette, also known as Bánh Mì.

Bún Bò Huế (Beef Noodle Soup from Hue)


Beef Noodle Soup from Hue

This isn't Pho; it's called Bún Bò Huế and it's a bit spicy. Hue is the name of the city where this dish originates. I apologize to vegetarians, but it's too good to pass up. In Vietnam, veganism is not commonly understood; people often add fish sauce even to salads.

Bún Cả (Fish Cake)

Fish Cake

Bún Cả is a delightful fish cake dish. It becomes even more flavorful when you add fish sauce, the ultimate flavor enhancer.

And More...

Various Foods

There's plenty more delicious food to try.

Chuối Nếp Nướng (Banana Sticky Rice)

378 VO VAN TAN, P.5. QUAN 3, TP. HCM

Banana Sticky Rice

For dessert, I recommend Banana Sticky Rice with coconut. It's a delicious alternative to the Mango Sticky Rice found in Thailand. Just be careful with the pronunciation; you don't want to accidentally say something inappropriate.


Miscellaneous Dessert

Various jelly-like desserts offer a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream

In this picture, you see two ice creams, although I'm eating alone. The upside of being single? You get both for yourself.



Here's a plain coconut, in case you've never seen one.

Coconut Coffee

Coconut Coffee

My current favorite drink is coconut coffee. It's like Starbucks' Frappuccino but much better.

And More Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Of course, Vietnam is famous for its coffee, especially the kind made with condensed milk. It's as good as it looks.

Useful Phrases to Learn

Rượu (Getting Drunk)

The first word is "rượu," which means getting drunk. Whether you're happy or sad, getting "rượu" is the answer to everything.

Một, Hai, Ba, YO (1, 2, 3, Cheers)

The second phrase is "Một, Hai, Ba, YO," meaning "1, 2, 3, Cheers." It's simple and easy to remember, so grab your beer and say it with me: "Một, Hai, Ba, YO!"

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