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Reflecting on my family

November 29, 2022

I am going to write about the most important people in my life and how their legacies have affected and influenced me.

From my mother Tammy, I learned how to think and express myself clearly and carefully. She was an accountant teaching me mathematics and the importance of hard work when I was a kid. She taught me how to stay positive when I was sad and in the face of obstacles. My mum also enabled me to self-study effectively. She would read books and I started to enjoy reading when I was young. She would listen to me and I would describe to her what I had learnt in school or the book. I would share my thoughts and she would debate with me to stimulate my critical thinking. She shaped my view on life and morals. I learnt best and can think by articulating my thoughts into words.

From my father Tony, I learned the importance of family. As an engineer, the books he studied initiated my love of learning computer software. He reminds me to maintain physical health and be disciplined about my lifestyle. My dad also acts as a negative role model to me sometimes. We share different political views and I did not agree with certain aspects of his behaviour. It reminds me how different people think and behave so differently and I have to keep an open mind to embrace those differences. It would be a nightmare if I tried to argue with him because he would not be able to express himself rationally and logically. It would be nearly impossible to try to change his mind by simple argument as he would not listen.

My ex-girlfriend Jo, taught me how to love and be loved. Although she decided to leave me and I faced depression alone, eventually. I have learnt to take responsibility for my actions in a painful way. It was my fault for the silly actions that made her feel hurt, and I have to learn to be aware of my own and others' feelings. My ex-girlfriend forced me intently and unintentionally to be a better man. There are many important qualities I have to demonstrate, such as patience, being able to communicate my emotions, and being able to improve and fix my mistakes. Lesson learnt on how to live together and face the difficulties in life. After she broke up with me, I had the darkest period in my life. I appreciate the book by Jordan Petersen. After reading his book 12 rules of life, I was able to get myself back up and overcome the depression.

Overall, my parents and ex-girlfriend had given me the above legacies in my life and I appreciate all the influences that have shaped me today.

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