Develop Essential Skills for the Future of Work

October 15, 2023

I love learning, and I value both informal and formal training. On my spare time, I'm taking a part time master degree at National University of Singapore as well as studying for a few certificates in AWS and kuberenets. Learning new things empowers me to unlock my full potential. It is important to get training, resources, and materials that will enable you to excel in your roles.

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The most important skills for me to develop are:

  • Communication skills: This includes skills like being clear and concise, providing understandable explanations, and using appropriate communication channels.
  • Leadership and management skills: This includes skills like project management, coaching, team leadership, stakeholder management, and leadership influence.
  • Technical proficiency: This includes skills like coding, data analysis, and various technical tools (e.g., Golang, SQL, Kubernetes).
  • Soft skills for collaboration: This includes skills like teamwork, stakeholder management, and influencing skills.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills: This includes the ability to be proactive in finding solutions and making informed choices.
  • Adaptability: This includes the ability to context switch, multitask, and understand new tools and technologies.
  • Client interaction and facing skills: This includes skills related to client interaction, negotiation, and client relationship management.

I am interested in receiving training in specific technical areas, such as Golang Application Design, Kubernetes Training, and understanding new tools and technologies (AWS, GCP, Kubernetes).

My goal is to equip myself with the necessary tools for now and in the future. By continuing to learn, I aim to foster a culture of knowledge and skill sharing, empowering myself to unlock my full potential.

How to develop essential skills

There are many ways to develop essential skills. Here are a few tips:

  • Take online courses or workshops.
  • Read books and articles about the skills you want to develop.
  • Shadow someone who is good at the skills you want to develop.
  • Practice the skills you want to develop in your everyday work and life.
  • Find a mentor or coach who can help you develop your skills.


Essential skills are need to be successful in your career and in life. By developing your essential skills, you can increase your employability, earn more money, and have a more fulfilling career. If there is anything you want to learn, let me know and we could become study buddy.

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