Securing Your Applications Anywhere with F5 and Hashicorp Vault

February 29, 2024

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the deployment and security of applications have become more crucial than ever. Traditional application deployment methods, which can take weeks or even months, are no longer sufficient. Modern applications require modern solutions that provide consistent security controls and policies regardless of where they are deployed.

2024 02 29

The Evolving Security Landscape

The security landscape has been changing dramatically, with the number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) found in the last four years surpassing the total of the previous decade. This surge in vulnerabilities has led to increased investments in addressing CVEs, with a significant focus on protecting applications from these threats.

CVEs can have a profound impact on organizations, leading to an increase in alerts, risk analysis, and the need for standby resources. Additionally, they often result in unplanned or out-of-band patches, further straining IT resources and budgets.

Addressing the Challenge with F5 and Hashicorp

To stay ahead of the curve in this evolving landscape, organizations need a robust framework for patch management, golden images, and hardening. This is where F5 and Hashicorp come into play, offering solutions that can address these challenges effectively.

Centralized Management with BIG-IP Next

F5's BIG-IP Next provides centralized management of instances, acting as a Single Source of Truth and enabling control access from anywhere. This simplifies the management of application delivery and security, ensuring consistent policies across all environments.

Enhancing Workflows with Terraform

F5 BIG-IP Solutions for Terraform support customers in their digital transformation journey. However, one challenge is the high domain knowledge required for BIG-IP. By leveraging Terraform, organizations can improve their workflows through automation, using it as a layer of abstraction to simplify the management of BIG-IP configurations.

Dynamic Certificate Management with Vault

Hashicorp Vault plays a crucial role in dynamic certificate management, offering a cloud-agnostic solution that is fully automated. This ensures that there are no downtime or outages caused by expiring certificates. Additionally, Vault enhances security by enabling the use of short-lived certificates, reducing the risk of exposure.


In summary, securing applications in today's ever-changing landscape requires a modern approach. By leveraging the combined strengths of F5 and Hashicorp Vault, organizations can ensure consistent security controls and policies, streamline their workflows, and stay ahead of emerging threats. This not only protects their applications but also supports their digital transformation initiatives.

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