Embracing Challenges and Transforming My Career Path

April 23, 2024

Self-reflection is really helpful for both personal and work growth. When you reflect regularly, you get a better understanding of your actions and decisions. Writing down your thoughts can improve how well you know yourself and show you where you can get better.

Writing in a journal is one way to reflect. It helps you organize your thoughts, keep track of your progress, and be more likely to succeed. It makes your goals clear and helps you learn on purpose. In the end, self-reflection improves your ability to make decisions and gives you the knowledge you need to handle challenges better. This leads to lasting success and personal satisfaction.

As the only child from a family in Hong Kong, my educational and professional journey has been unique. I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, master's degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, and certifications in AWS, Kubernetes, and TOGAF.

2024 04 23

Moving Through Roles

I started as a Software Engineer, became a Technical Lead, and now I am a Solution Architect. I've had a real impact through my work, like launching important financial products, developing mobile apps and servers, and building user-friendly front-end applications.

Using My Strengths

I learn quickly and am always curious, which helps me solve problems in different areas. Diving deep into business, technology, and personal development has not only widened my knowledge but also improved my skills in cloud technologies like AWS and Kubernetes, programming in Python and JavaScript, and managing important infrastructure.

My Soft Skills

Even though I'm shy, I've gotten good at public speaking, experimenting, writing, and communicating. These skills are crucial in my consulting and banking jobs. They help me explain complex tech ideas and influence important decisions.

Energized by Challenges

I love tackling tough tech problems, whether it's fixing software deployment issues or a broken Bluetooth system. I also enjoy writing, coding, and making engaging presentations. I get a lot of satisfaction from turning complex ideas into real solutions.

A Future in Consulting

My ongoing interest in solving problems points to a promising future in consulting. I can offer both tech solutions and strategic advice. I enjoy putting theory into practice, especially in projects that upgrade old systems to new technologies.

Career Goals and Moving Forward

My current goal is to find opportunities where I can use what I've learned in real projects, ideally transforming old systems with new technologies. Connecting with industry experts to understand their challenges is key.

I need to keep adding to my skills, choosing and using the right tools for each job. Another big challenge is convincing senior management of my solutions. I plan to get better at telling stories and aligning my ideas with what the business needs.


This self-reflection isn't just about looking inward; it's a plan for my future. It shows where I am, where I want to go, and how I plan to get there. By embracing my nature, using my diverse skills, and facing challenges directly, I am creating a path that's about solving problems and making a big impact.

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Victor Leung, who blog about business, technology and personal development. Happy to connect on LinkedIn