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7147135 My name is Victor Leung.

When I was young, I thought the idea of creating a product from idea to market is cool. So I studied computer science and business in university because I realised to launch a successful product, you need to know how the technical detail works and how the market invisible hands works. Also, you need leadership skills to bring a lot of people to work together towards my product vision, since it is not easy to create a new product without a team.

I originally started my career in Australia in digital marketing. One of my main tasks is to figure out how social media works and also search engine optimisation (SEO). Then I realised a lot of marketers are lack of technical understanding on how to do SEO, so I decided to dive deeper into the code, the HTML script tags, the CSS stylesheets to improve the UI/UX and analytics to understand the users’ behaviour.

Later on, I got more technical and changed my career as a software engineer with the ability for product implementation. Then I not just worked on websites, but also native mobile platforms and backend servers for enterprises. I was doing hands-on coding in JavaScript for League of Legends and Cathay Pacific Airways, which are large scale products with millions of users.

Initially, I was mainly focusing on programming and my goal was level up my technical skills by learning more programming languages. But then I realised a lot of challenges are not purely technical problems, but also organisation structures and business environments. This is particularly true for the banking industry as I joined as a technical lead at HSBC. There are so many processes, regulatory requirements and different cross-functional teams to collaborate with. It is quite difficult to release and ship one minor feature to the end-users.

I thought it is frustrating for a team of software engineers to build a product with nobody use in the market. The morale is also low when the team is not working in an agile environment with unreasonable demands and many unresolvable blockers. I concluded that I want to be a technical capable and business savvy who can communicate and prioritise for the development team.

I am learning product management after the first-hand experience in a couple of success and failure products. Now I have technical skills to create a working prototype to convincing people on my product visions. And I have a deep understanding of the fintech industry and ready to go out there to create new products.

This blog is my notes throughout the learning journey. Thank you for reading.