Always learning new things

When I was a teenager, I thought the university should not be a vocational training school. Therefore, I avoided major in practical subjects, such as accounting. I was quite idealistic to think that I should learn how to think in the education, rather than preparing for a job. Meanwhile, although I was interested in subjects… Continue reading Always learning new things

On building and contributing to the community

I truly believe that building and contributing to the community is important. Life feels meaningful when we can contribute our ability to help others. We as human are not the strongest animals in the world, we cannot run faster than lions, we cannot swim better than fishes, and we cannot even fly like the birds,… Continue reading On building and contributing to the community

Stay curious

There is factual knowledge about the world that I could be wrong about. The world could be completely different from what I thought. Many of the changes that I think will never happen may have already happened. Therefore it’s important to awaken my curiosity about what is possible, which is different from what I believe,… Continue reading Stay curious

My goal to be a better leader

Pursuing the goal to be a better leader is important. Not finance, not strategy, not technology, it’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. If I could get all people in my organisation rowing in the same direction with my leadership skill, we could dominate any… Continue reading My goal to be a better leader

Healthy body, healthy mind

I often think about the body and mind are two separate things, in dualism theory that the mental and the physical are different kinds of things. However, there is no contraction between reading and exercising. Instead, fitness can develop my bodies and minds as one. My health affects my mindset, my mindset affects my health… Continue reading Healthy body, healthy mind