My time as an undergraduate student

I spent three years study for a bachelor degree in chemistry. During that period, the biggest dilemma is between the ideal and reality. In the perfect world, I could spend the time to immerse myself in the pursuit of science. I got interested in quantum mechanics, which was the most complicated subject in my life.… Continue reading My time as an undergraduate student

The importance of public speaking

What is your greatest fear? Some people are afraid of dogs, some people are scared of spiders, but we are fearful of public speaking for most people. We are constantly worried about being judged by others and being laughed at by others. However, I am taking a class to learn public speaking because I understand… Continue reading The importance of public speaking

How do you tell your colleague he smell

The hardest communication is to tell your colleague that you stinted. I mean BO, which stands for Body Odor. But how to tell him? Frankly speaking, I have been tolerating his terrible smell, and a few colleagues are also suffering, but I have to tell him, even though it is an awkward conversation. What I… Continue reading How do you tell your colleague he smell

Strive for efficiency and economy

You have the leisure to read about my article, this is thanks to our society strive for efficiency and economy. Otherwise, I would be spending most of my time hunting and farming to produce food for survival instead of having the luxury to write this essay. Due to the improvement of our country productivity, I… Continue reading Strive for efficiency and economy

Work very well with other people on teams

Today I took the first dose of vaccination. Think about it for a second and appreciate how amazing it is for teamwork behind the scene to make this happens. Firstly, there is a group of scientists who dedicate their lives to research in the field. In the past, a stereotype of a scientist is like… Continue reading Work very well with other people on teams