Healthy body, healthy mind

I often think about the body and mind are two separate things, in dualism theory that the mental and the physical are different kinds of things. However, there is no contraction between reading and exercising. Instead, fitness can develop my bodies and minds as one. My health affects my mindset, my mindset affects my health… Continue reading Healthy body, healthy mind

The quality that I admire

The quality I admire is leadership. Steve Job is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His story is inspiring, not just because he founded the company Apple, but also the way he overcame all the obstacles and disrupted industries with iPhone. He is a charismatic leader with millions of followers around the world to buy… Continue reading The quality that I admire

On my leisure activity in the future

My leisure life would be learning new things. There are many different ways to learn, such as reading, listening and doing. By visiting libraries regularly, I can read books and learn from the expert of the industries. Some authors are no longer living today but I could still benefit from their views in history. There… Continue reading On my leisure activity in the future