The problem:

92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? This sounds like an fascinating problem waiting to be solved. I have a hacker mind-set and like to apply this attitute to other things. I would be delighted if I could overcome this failure rate limit and become the 8%.

My explanation

There is a research shows that ‘will power’ could be a limited resource. We all have the desire for self-improvement, but we could not just rely on our self-control to achieve the goals. It is so frustrating to see ourselves disappointed ourselves. We hate ourselves like this, but we are helpless.

Suggested Solution

In order to change, we have to keep it simple and realistic. Tackle the low hanging fruits to keep us motivated. Convert the vague idea into an actionable goal. Then just keep it up, EVERYDAY. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

My 2015 goals

Here is a to-do list for me everyday, just to remind myself:

  1. Always be coding — Spend 1 hour everyday on toy problem or solving code challenge.
  2. Healthier — Spend 30 minutes everyday for jogging or other exercise. Healthy body, healthy mind.
  3. Learn something new — Spend 1 hour everyday to read books or watch lecture videos.
  4. Family and friends — Spend 1 hour everyday to catch up for lunch or dinner.

Please kindly remind me if I fail to keep my promise. What are your 2015 goals?☺

Originally published at on January 2, 2015.