In high school, I spent the majority of my time dating girls. I wished I had spent more time and effort studying, but hormones damage a boy's brain during puberty. Unfortunately, there was no course at school that taught me about love and how to love. My family would not discuss this matter openly at home, so I learned the hard way through trial and error, which was unfortunate. I was too shy as an introvert to tell the girl I liked her. I was attracted to a gorgeous girl, and that was my first love. It was so innocent and naïve. Cupid shot the arrow at me, and I fell for her.  Jessie was her name. She was a classmate who appeared to be a nice sweet girl. I stared at her occasionally and fantasized about all the love stories that may happen to us. But it never happened because I was too embarrassed to ask if she felt the same way about me.  Life is funny; instead, other girls fell for me.  I had an ordinary, quiet, composed appearance. — This is a chapter of my book: The Dilemmas of Life: How to overcome the dilemmas and live a better life Get a full copy now on Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FHXLD4G
  1. My memory in secondary school
  2. A brief history of my childhood
  3. Continuous improvement
  4. The lost message
  5. The importance of public speaking
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