Here are some projects that I worked on:

FX Combine / Mobile App / 2019

AI Solution / Artificial Intelligence / 2019

Crypto Checker / Web / 2018

Divorce Chatbot / Chatbot / 2018

Food Label Analyzer / Artificial Intelligence / 2018

HKID Validator / Mobile Android / 2018

HKID Validator - Apps on Google Play
The standard format of the Hong Kong identity card number is X999999(C), where X can be any capital letter followed by 6 digits and C is the check digit. There are 26 million possible card numbers, and while the numbers of those who have died are not reassigned, there are still sufficient numbers in…

Payme for Business / Mobile Android / 2018

PayMe for Business - Apps on Google Play
PayMe for Business is here! Do business better by collecting payments quickly and securely in the palm of your hand. Over a million Hong Kong customers are waiting to pay you with PayMe! - Collect money instantly from PayMe users with face-to-face QR codes - Instant, easy-to-manage refunds handled …

Recycle Bin Nearby / Web / 2018

Sushi Classifier / Machine Learning / 2018

Sushi Classifier
Sushi Classifier

Cathay Pacific / Mobile / 2017

‎Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific app lets you book, plan and manage your trips all in one place. On your personalised home screen, you will always see your upcoming flights and what you can do next. You can also search our flight timetable, book your flight, check in, choose your seat, get your boarding pass, check y…

Alpha Algo / Machine Learning / 2016

Lantrn / iOS app / 2016

Receive information from your Lantrn Suitcase. Lantrn Suitcase A high quality app connected bag that monitors essentials, deters crime, logs mishandling and provides support for when things go wrong. Built for seamless travel, every Lantrn suitcase has premium wheels and a lightweight anti damag…

Naja / Web / 2016

League of Legend / Web / 2015

Career Match / Mobile iOS / 2009