My Ideal Future

In my ideal future, I want to be a great leader. By being able to serve the wider community, it’s a great sense of life satisfaction, which also requires a lot of learning from the process to deal with the challenging environment. Leadership is hard in a very practical way. It’s about managing politics, skillfully… Continue reading My Ideal Future

On being too quiet around strangers

Whenever I am sitting in front of a group of people, I am often too quiet to speak up around strangers. During company meetings, there is so many colleagues dial into the virtual call, with senior management and different stakeholders. Often by the end of the calls, the director would ask everyone if there are… Continue reading On being too quiet around strangers

On losing opportunities because of too isolated

I remember a time when I attended a leadership training course. The instructor was giving out a question, asked everyone to think about things to improve for our community during the current covid19 situations. It could be anything from reminding people to keep social distancing, wearing masks and doing exercise more often. After five minutes… Continue reading On losing opportunities because of too isolated