On sympathise with others’ feelings

Dear friends in Hong Kong, I can feel your fear. Because we, as human beings, have sympathy, the ability to understand other’s feelings and suffering. In the past, we enjoyed the freedom of speech and we could express our different views on the media. But now, this is the darkest moment in Hong Kong with… Continue reading On sympathise with others’ feelings

My MBA study trip to Germany

The key personal learning from the Germany trip is anti-fragile. Travelling involves many uncertainty and randomness. Despite my flight was delayed in Helsinki at Finland and I was suffering from the stressful presentation with jet lag, the journey is worth it as I learned a lot beyond the classroom for my career in terms of… Continue reading My MBA study trip to Germany

Case study: Li & Fung family business

In this article, I would discuss the lesson we can learn from this Li & Fung’s family. The insights we can get from this family to last over one thousand years is the culture to reinvent itself in order to survive. There are not many Chinese family businesses can last for so long successfully. Starting… Continue reading Case study: Li & Fung family business

Hello future Fin-Tech in Hong Kong

Once upon a time, my teacher taught me that Hong Kong is an international financial centre. Every day, we enjoy the economic success with a highly competitive business environment. But today, Hong Kong is being left behind in the fin-tech revolution. Singapore is ahead and moved aggressively with lots of support in spending and regulations.… Continue reading Hello future Fin-Tech in Hong Kong