My Ideal Future

In my ideal future, I want to be a great leader. By being able to serve the wider community, it’s a great sense of life satisfaction, which also requires a lot of learning from the process to deal with the challenging environment. Leadership is hard in a very practical way. It’s about managing politics, skillfully… Continue reading My Ideal Future

On waiting for others to lead the way

I still remember three years ago, on the first day attending the orientation of my MBA program, it was a chaotic and uncertain environment. We got assigned a task in charity to build a wooden playground for a primary school. None of us had any hands-on experience in construction since most of us came from… Continue reading On waiting for others to lead the way

Leadership that gets results

Research found that six distinct leadership styles have a direct impact on the working atmosphere and financial results in terms of revenue growth and profitability. The six leadership styles include coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching. More importantly, it indicates that leaders with the best results do not rely on only one style, but… Continue reading Leadership that gets results

How to motivate your problem people

In order to get people to follow your lead, the only way to succeed is by getting the people to motivate themselves. The common mistakes managers make on their attempts to motivate problem people is by using the sales pitch to push solution, hoping to get the employee to listen and agree with the logic… Continue reading How to motivate your problem people

Learning Charisma — Transform yourself into the person others want to follow

Charisma can be learned. We can practice to acquire the ability to inspire followers towards a clear vision and instill deep levels of trust. We can earn the charismatic skills by effort even though we were not born and naturally gifted. We can be more leader likes from the other people perspective using the Charismatic… Continue reading Learning Charisma — Transform yourself into the person others want to follow