How do you tell your colleague he smell

The hardest communication is to tell your colleague that you stinted. I mean BO, which stands for Body Odor. But how to tell him? Frankly speaking, I have been tolerating his terrible smell, and a few colleagues are also suffering, but I have to tell him, even though it is an awkward conversation. What I… Continue reading How do you tell your colleague he smell

My goal to be a better leader

Pursuing the goal to be a better leader is important. Not finance, not strategy, not technology, it’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. If I could get all people in my organisation rowing in the same direction with my leadership skill, we could dominate any… Continue reading My goal to be a better leader

My Ideal Future

In my ideal future, I want to be a great leader. By being able to serve the wider community, it’s a great sense of life satisfaction, which also requires a lot of learning from the process to deal with the challenging environment. Leadership is hard in a very practical way. It’s about managing politics, skillfully… Continue reading My Ideal Future

The quality that I admire

The quality I admire is leadership. Steve Job is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His story is inspiring, not just because he founded the company Apple, but also the way he overcame all the obstacles and disrupted industries with iPhone. He is a charismatic leader with millions of followers around the world to buy… Continue reading The quality that I admire

On having too little to say

Last night in a meeting, I was given a topic to speak about for two minutes. It was a challenging form of communication as it was impromptu speaking, and I had to talk about random things about leadership in front of a group without preparation. I had a timer in front of me. I did… Continue reading On having too little to say

On waiting for others to lead the way

I still remember three years ago, on the first day attending the orientation of my MBA program, it was a chaotic and uncertain environment. We got assigned a task in charity to build a wooden playground for a primary school. None of us had any hands-on experience in construction since most of us came from… Continue reading On waiting for others to lead the way