Always learning new things

When I was a teenager, I thought the university should not be a vocational training school. Therefore, I avoided major in practical subjects, such as accounting. I was quite idealistic to think that I should learn how to think in the education, rather than preparing for a job. Meanwhile, although I was interested in subjects… Continue reading Always learning new things

Stay curious

There is factual knowledge about the world that I could be wrong about. The world could be completely different from what I thought. Many of the changes that I think will never happen may have already happened. Therefore it’s important to awaken my curiosity about what is possible, which is different from what I believe,… Continue reading Stay curious

On my leisure activity in the future

My leisure life would be learning new things. There are many different ways to learn, such as reading, listening and doing. By visiting libraries regularly, I can read books and learn from the expert of the industries. Some authors are no longer living today but I could still benefit from their views in history. There… Continue reading On my leisure activity in the future