My goal to be a better leader

Pursuing the goal to be a better leader is important. Not finance, not strategy, not technology, it’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. If I could get all people in my organisation rowing in the same direction with my leadership skill, we could dominate any… Continue reading My goal to be a better leader

Healthy body, healthy mind

I often think about the body and mind are two separate things, in dualism theory that the mental and the physical are different kinds of things. However, there is no contraction between reading and exercising. Instead, fitness can develop my bodies and minds as one. My health affects my mindset, my mindset affects my health… Continue reading Healthy body, healthy mind

On having too little to say

Last night in a meeting, I was given a topic to speak about for two minutes. It was a challenging form of communication as it was impromptu speaking, and I had to talk about random things about leadership in front of a group without preparation. I had a timer in front of me. I did… Continue reading On having too little to say

On feeling uncomfortable around others

Have you ever feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others? Last time, when I was attending an event, I felt nervous surrounded by strangers, especially during the moment that I need to do a public speech. There was constant pressure and obligation to talk whenever I was surrounded by others, which made me felt uncomfortable.… Continue reading On feeling uncomfortable around others

On being more socially skilled

Social skills allow us to form connections, influence decisions, and motive change in others. However, last time in a seminar, social anxiety came to my mind with fear to approach strangers to make new friends. When the speaker asked the audience questions and asked for a volunteer to speak up, everyone avoided raising their hands… Continue reading On being more socially skilled

On feeling drained by social interactions

As an introvert, social interactions lower my energy levels. Last time at a farewell party, I feel drained surrounded by friends. Before the event began, everyone was responsible for part of it by preparing food to share. I bought a french long bread roll and some alcoholic drinks, like vodka and tonic, Kenmore whiskey and… Continue reading On feeling drained by social interactions