Don’t be afraid, my mentor is here

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Yes, I do. That’s why I joined the toastmaster club, get more practice and try to overcome my fear. That’s why I was fortunate to met Ernest Chen at a social dinner and asked him to be my mentor. And that’s why I am here today to… Continue reading Don’t be afraid, my mentor is here

The importance of public speaking

What is your greatest fear? Some people are afraid of dogs, some people are scared of spiders, but we are fearful of public speaking for most people. We are constantly worried about being judged by others and being laughed at by others. However, I am taking a class to learn public speaking because I understand… Continue reading The importance of public speaking

On having too little to say

Last night in a meeting, I was given a topic to speak about for two minutes. It was a challenging form of communication as it was impromptu speaking, and I had to talk about random things about leadership in front of a group without preparation. I had a timer in front of me. I did… Continue reading On having too little to say

On feeling uncomfortable around others

Have you ever feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others? Last time, when I was attending an event, I felt nervous surrounded by strangers, especially during the moment that I need to do a public speech. There was constant pressure and obligation to talk whenever I was surrounded by others, which made me felt uncomfortable.… Continue reading On feeling uncomfortable around others

On being more socially skilled

Social skills allow us to form connections, influence decisions, and motive change in others. However, last time in a seminar, social anxiety came to my mind with fear to approach strangers to make new friends. When the speaker asked the audience questions and asked for a volunteer to speak up, everyone avoided raising their hands… Continue reading On being more socially skilled

The importance of communication as a software developer

I want to communicate with you on the importance of communication as a software developer. It may sound obvious, but it would impact significantly on your career. If you ignore what I said in this article, maybe you would not get the high paying job that you want in the interview process, maybe you would… Continue reading The importance of communication as a software developer