On feeling uncomfortable around others

Have you ever feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others? Last time, when I was attending an event, I felt nervous surrounded by strangers, especially during the moment that I need to do a public speech. There was constant pressure and obligation to talk whenever I was surrounded by others, which made me felt uncomfortable.… Continue reading On feeling uncomfortable around others

On having a social circle that is too small

As an ex-pat working and living in a foreign country, there is a limited social circle I got. Most of my friends are in my home country, while the people I interact with daily is my colleagues only. This is too small of a circle, which would harm my life. Last time, in an unfortunate… Continue reading On having a social circle that is too small

On being more socially skilled

Social skills allow us to form connections, influence decisions, and motive change in others. However, last time in a seminar, social anxiety came to my mind with fear to approach strangers to make new friends. When the speaker asked the audience questions and asked for a volunteer to speak up, everyone avoided raising their hands… Continue reading On being more socially skilled