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Fun things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

October 02, 2015

My ambition is to go all over the world! Yep, this is a touch too ambitious. One of the essential lessons I learned in software engineering was how to deal with complexity. We could achieve something meaningful step by step by breaking down the large challenge into smaller, manageable pieces. Travelling to Vietnam is one of those simple weekend getaways that do not need annual vacation days.

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Here are a few things to do in Hanoi.

Halong Bay kayaking - With a handful of filter layers, my Instagram images always seem excellent, but the scenery in Ha Long Bay looks as good as postcard photos without any photoshop. Although the journey from the city was 4 hours long, this UNESCO World Heritage site was well worth the effort. Kayaking is my favourite method to get up close and personal with the amazing limestone. Remember to bring a waterproof bag with you to safeguard your iPhone if you fall into the water!

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Nature's marvel - The Dong Thien Cung cave, whittled away by wind and water over millennia, is awe-inspiring. With enough imagination, you may discern a dragon, lion, or even a breast among the multi-coloured stalagmites. Those boobs have to be tough. It's amusing to hear that superstitious woman who doesn't have enough milk pray for milk blessings in front of that rock.

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At the night market, cross the streets - It was the greatest of times and the worst of times at the same moment. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of those times when I can visit the bustling night market while also getting stuck in the crowd. Everyone on the street had an ice cream cone in their hand, so I did as well. The mint flavour tastes like toothpaste, but it was excellent on a hot and humid night. Crossing the road in Hanoi, which is clogged with motorcycles, is the most difficult task. It didn't matter if the light was red or green since people would be penalized if they didn't follow the regulations! Crossing the road with automobiles, motorcycles, and pushcarts coming at you from all sides needed guts. I made it; I am still alive. I'm not sure how I did it. Thank you, God.

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Continue to eat - To taste the numerous sorts of street meals, you must be willing to take a risk. I'm a risk-taker, so I tried a variety of local cuisines. The Vietnamese name for the cuisine was something I had to remember. Now that I'm back in my home country, I can't recall the names of these foods. Although the language sounds like a song, I still cannot understand a spoken word with up-and-down lyrics.

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Coffee with an egg - It is not repulsive to consume this beverage. It's a s**ttttttttttttttttt The traditional Vietnamese egg coffee (Cà Phê Trng) is only available in Hanoi. Thanks to the local guide, I visited a hidden upstairs coffee shop for the 'same' price, although other venues would most likely charge tourists differently. With my passion for coffee, a trip to another ancient coffee shop for the famous condensed milk coffee, a wonderful blend of sweet and bitter, is a must.

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Go to the prison - I didn't do anything wrong, Father. I went to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum after viewing the French-style St. Joseph's chapel. The evil side of human nature, such as torture and execution, has always captivated me. Looking back in time, I consider myself fortunate to live in a time and location free of oppressive political oppression and significant conflict. The Vietnam War isn't simply a movie; it's a real-life historical event with phoney political justifications. Every soldier has a family, and every death infuriates the members of that family. I suddenly missed my partner and wanted her constant safety.

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...and now is the time to make a reservation. There's a lot to see and do in Hanoi, and I nearly missed my flight because of it. I intend to continue travelling and conquering the globe. I'm excited about the next adventure! If you arrive early, you might be able to score a decent deal.

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