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The Dilemmas of Life
How to overcome the dilemmas and live a better life

by Victor Leung

Format: Kindle Edition:

What if you had the power to write your fate? We couldn’t foretell what would happen, but we could write about what we wanted to see in the future and be explicit about the goals and dreams we wanted to achieve. We couldn’t go back in time and change what had happened, but we could write about it and interpret our memories based on our own experiences. We can’t change what’s going on right now, but we can release our stress by writing down our present thoughts as meditation and therapy for our mental health.

What if the most effective self-help hook is one you create for yourself? I don’t mean the best self-help book for everyone; I mean the best self-help book for the author. I am a great lover of self-help books and have read quite a few. They provide me with brief bursts of vigour and motivation, but they do not affect my behaviour. I would be very successful now if all of those books worked, but instead of taking action, I am discouraged and seek out more self-help books to read. There are many theories and made-up reasons for us to keep improving, but we’ll never be able to do so if we don’t practice. Writing for self-reflection, such as journaling, is at least supported by some scientific data. Science appears to demonstrate that it works without completely comprehending why it works.

What if you start this experiment by jotting down your thoughts? On my thirty-first birthday, I’ve been considering what’s the finest gift I could get for myself? An iPad may be a costly item that I desire, but I am aware that monetary gifts provide only temporary enjoyment. Instead, I chose to get myself a notebook, which is a physical pen and paper on which I am writing, rather than a laptop computer. I’d want to try out a few of the potential advantages of writing right now.

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