I am Victor Leung

Tech Lead, MBA, Freelance Developer

Name: Victor Leung

Profile: Tech Lead | MBA

Email: victorleungtw@gmail.com

Phone: +852 6629 4626

  • Hong Kong
  • +852 6629 4626
  • victorleungtw@gmail.com
About me

I'm a keen traveller with a goal to see every country in the world, passionate about cutting edge technologies and currently helping transform the British multinational bank.

Looking to make new friends and find adventure buddies. I appreciate when you love helping people, challenge me to become a better person, have an opened-mind.


Here are some projects that I worked on:


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The key personal learning from the Germany trip is anti-fragile. Travelling involves many uncertainty and randomness. Despite my flight…


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Enable HTTPS on AWS EC2 instance with Node.js and Nginx on Ubuntu server

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Replace text in XML files with Powershell

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Replace text in a file using Batch script

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A look into Chile’s startup ecosystem

In retrospective, my Chile trip was amazing. Despite it was tough to fly over 30 hours from Hong Kong and suffering from jet lag, the…


Upgrade AppMon from version 6.5 to 7.1

I am working on an upgrade for Dynatrace AppMon from version 6.5 to 7.1. AppMon is a tool for gathering performance data, trusted by many…