Product Management

I have experience in engaging with the business leaders to inform and ground strategies that fulfil the company’s business needs and growth objectives.

Software Development

I work with major global players to provide IT strategy expertise and challenge the “status quo” as well as define “new requirements” in a fast-changing digital environment.

IT Transformation

I maximize the results of your investment to deliver an effective solution. I bring expertise and experience in guiding clients through the development and implementation of systems.

My Mission

I will help you to assess the maturity of current state IT capabilities and develop a roadmap to deliver future state IT capabilities aligning to your strategy. I bring substantial experience in improving IT infrastructure and defining the technology required to enable this. I am technology-agnostic and will provide you with a balanced, objective recommendation for the future aligned solely to your needs and objectives.

My Plan

I combine global IT expertise with local experience essential to understanding requirements, cultural sensitivities and regulatory constraints. I bring significant experience working with companies globally and in the region, which will help me ensure that recommended strategies are appropriate to your corporate culture, engagement, and decision making structures.

My Vision

My modular, programmatic approach is designed to build the insight and evidence needed to support the vision for and pathway to future capabilities. In executing this approach, we aim to balance the demands of business and IT and incorporate the perspective available at a global, regional and country basis.


Technology that enables and improves your customer experience is not only mission-critical but represents a direct link to the purpose and outward-facing profile of the corporation. As such key technology decisions must closely align to corporate strategy, regional objectives and fit with local market requirements. Engagement between the business and technology leadership is critical to the development of a successful plan leading to the realization of value through our following services.

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AI / Chatbot / Data Science

With Facebook page and Skype chatbot, I help you develop new strategies, business & operating models that are fit for purpose in a digital world, to understand and drive value from the enterprise.

IT Consultancy

With agile, Scrum framework, we support you to being (not just doing) agile, adopting Prod Mgmt. mindset, evolving the delivery model, & rethinking the talent model will be critical win & lead in the digital age.

Digital Transformation

DevOps, Continous Integration and Robotic Automation. I align, enhance and automate enterprise operations to optimize control, performance, efficiency, and proficiency.

Website development

Frontend development with AngularJS, EmberJs, MeterorJS, and ReactJS, I create, design, and activate rapid development of products & services to quickly realize business value, enabled by disruptive technologies and platforms.

Mobile development

Build and compile iOS with Swift and Android with Kotlin, I help you establish an innovative product and establish end-to-end innovation capabilities to incubate ideas and business models with the customer at heart.

Stress Test

Using Apache JMeter, I help you identifying new risks, designing and delivering a control model to meet regulations and building trust with your customers, regulators, shareholders, and employees.

I understand your need

I am committed to meeting your expectations and view doing so as “mission-critical” to our firm’s goal of building a long-term, sustainable relationship with you. There is no better platform for us to demonstrate our ability to be a valued, strategic partner. I have demonstrated the ability and willingness to provide the requested services as set forth in my response.

Whatever the engagement I look to work with people who have a vision; regardless of whether they’re a big business, funded startup or an individual with a unique insight. I defined digital as a continuous form of disruption to existing (or new) business models, products, services or experiences, enabled by data and technology across the enterprise. Contact me to know more:

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