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Experience in software development, application architecture, and deploying cloud solutions for enterprise customers. Strong hands-on skills with a Master's degree in Computer Science and business acumen with a master of business administration (MBA) in Finance. Certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes (CKA, CKAD, CKS, KCNA) and Scrum (PSM, PSPO) with experience in building banking products from scratch.

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Specialized technology consulting services for financial companies.

Technology defines how our product is different and better than competitors. Good technology is the foundation of a great product and is the starting point of innovation. I help financial companies architect and develop software to improve their business performance. I use an agile methodology that I adopted as a software developer at a series of successful consulting firms. The process has been proved to work for early-stage startups.

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Software Development for StartUps

I can help you and your executive team make decisions and alignment around the best technology for your product. As a group, we work through each component of your product using my agile development methodology. Once we have built a proof of concept, we will decide the architecture for your product that would be able to scale.

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Consulting Services for Larger Tech Companies

I can up-level your team's skills for companies with a larger software development team. I dive deep into software development methodology, how larger companies can adopt it, and common mistakes or roadblocks that teams encounter. These sessions can be delivered virtually or in person. Contract me to find out more about this might work for your team.

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Customise Product Management

Companies with unique technology challenges can engage me. I've worked with companies wresting managing their technical product, how to respond to sudden, unexpected production incidents, or pivoting into a new entrant into a market. Particular problems sometimes require unique solutions. If your company is wrestling with a new technical challenge, I'd love to see if there is a way I can help.

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Book author

You have a life dilemma, and I have a solution.

A must read for anyone struggling to live a better life.

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Public speaker

I speak at events around the world for audiences from hundreds to thousands. My talks are informative with just enough humour to keep your audiences engaged and entertained. I'm comfortable with in-person and virtual events and typically speak at startups, Entrepreneurship, technology, and networking events.

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