Ghost 3.0 just released. ( I hate Wordpress with PHP but love Ghost with Node.js. It is open source and the dark theme is pretty cool. So I decided to switch my blog from the medium platform. However, there is a homing cost and it’s not straight forward to migrate. Here are the steps to unstuck yourself and take the ownership back:

Step 1: Export medium post

Click Setting in medium and find the section to download your information:

Step 2: Import to and export the file

Open a free account in and at the import section, there is an option to import from medium:

After a successful import the content from medium, you can export the file in

Step 3: Import the file to via plugin and export the file

You can download an open-source Wordpress from and run it in your local with MAMP ( Copy all the wordpress files and put it in the /htdocs folder of MAMP. Start the server and you can run the local Wordpress with MySQL installed.

Click on the import section, and there is an option to import from Wordpress:

Next, install the official ghost plugin: and you can export the blog posts via the plugin:

You can download the Ghost file, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. Try click the download .json file instead.

Step 4: Import to ghost blog

In settings, Labs section, import your file in ghost:

Finger crossed! If everything goes well, you should be able to see all the medium posts now migrated to ghost 3.0. Keep blogging :)

Originally published at __https://victorleungtw.com_ on November 3, 2019._