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On self actualisation

June 13, 2021

Self-actualization is important to us since it improves our well-being and makes our life worthwhile. We have a lot of potentials to tap into, and I'm excited to see what we can do in life.

I'd be humiliated if I didn't grow since it would be a waste of time not to see what life has to offer. Not only for myself but also for others. Self-actualization is beneficial to us, but it has a broader meaning. The best in other people, as well as the best in me, must be invoked. A completely personal purpose that ignores other people and societal circumstances are insufficient.

My desire to achieve self-actualisation stems from my dread of death, which is always a possibility. I will be unhappy without reaching my full potential. I am confident that we possess enormous creative, humanitarian, and spiritual potential. Sometimes, we have the feeling alienated from the group because we are so concentrated on a small part of ourselves.

Even if it means overcoming adversity, realizing our greatest potential is a rewarding journey. The spirit of exploration, the underlying biological impulse. All development has as its foundation, which is at the heart of growth. The drive to seek out and make meaning of new, hard, and unpredictable situations is known as exploration. Exploration is driven by curiosity, discovery, and openness, whereas security focuses on defence and protection.

Creating new opportunities for growth and development is energizing. The other objectives can be built on the underlying urge for exploration to progress to higher levels and make a meaningful contribution to the world. The desire to learn more is at the heart of self-actualisation, and it can extend beyond personal development. Reaching our full potential allows us to achieve higher degrees of unity and harmony within ourselves, as well as a sense of connectedness with humanity.

Attaining self-actualization would alter our perspective on loneliness. There is an inherent conflict between wanting to connect deeply and completely with other human beings and be a part of a bigger whole on the one hand and never fully being able to do so on the other, always staying existentially alone on the other. We could contribute and achieve something bigger than ourselves, therefore fostering community.

As a result of the meaninglessness, other aspects of our personal life would shift as well. There's a conflict between being thrown into an indifferent cosmos with no intrinsic meaning and wanting to find some purpose for our existence in the inexplicably little time we have on this earth. If we can conquer the obstacles, life will feel more meaningful.

Even though I am alone in the boat, seeing the lights of other boats bobbing nearby, as well as the lighthouse's signal from afar, is always comforting. It impacts how others perceive me since I would confidently sail the wide and dangerous ocean in any direction. It's reassuring to know that we're all in this together, facing the same existential challenges.

People's lives would be affected by self-actualization because we would realize that a good life is not something we would ever achieve but rather a way of life. A happy life is a journey, not a destination. It's a path to take, not a goal. This process will not always result in happiness, contentment, or bliss, and it may even result in suffering and heartbreak at times. As we realize more and more of our potentials and push ourselves into the stream of life, it necessitates continually stretching outside of our comfort zone. To become the best version of ourselves, we need to live a courageous life. Then we'll be able to grow in the way we choose while also demonstrating to the universe that we existed and benefited others while on this planet earth.

Experimentation is a tangible way to reach self-actualization. To begin, make a list of your life's difficulties and assumptions. By doing so, you'll be able to conquer some of life's challenges by putting your hypothesis to the test. Then you can learn from your mistakes and failures and continue to improve, diagnose, and reflect on the lessons we've learned through trial and error.

At work in complex organizations, we should spend more time collaborating. When one person acts alone, he or she accomplishes very little. Everything is extremely interconnected. Being very collaborative and working effectively with others is the most productive thing you can do. Self-reflection and asking whether there is anything we can change also help us be more effective. Many tasks appear to be accomplished by magic or cutting shortcuts, but productivity is a set of talents. We're looking for skills that we can learn and put to use.

I'd also have to consult with others and take responsibility for identifying and developing the potential in people and systems. To reach our collective potential, we urgently need wholehearted bold leadership across the board, from corporations, nonprofits, and public sector organizations to governments, activist groups, schools, and faith communities. We need self-awareness to lead from our heart, not superficial leaders who lead from hurt and fear.

I'd also keep up my writing habit by writing down what I needed to read. Because I adore reading self-help books, I write about continuing improvements and personal growth. It aids in the organization of my thoughts and the consistency of my actions. It is a proactive technique for investigating all avenues for realizing one's full potential in life—the key to realizing that potential is exploration. We need to see our ability to improve and grasp vast potential approaches to get into the right mental frame for exploring.

Insecurity is a potential roadblock to self-actualization. The person misbehaves due to actual or anticipated pain and consequently lashes out in self-defence, much like a cornered animal might. The truth is that human beings are kind, provided that their basic needs are met, such as affection and security. People will return the respect and feel confident in their sentiments and behaviour if treated with respect and protection. Everything that is nastier, meaner, or crueller is an overcompensatory attempt to meet the basic requirements of stability, affection, and self-esteem. Fear infuses every condition's deprivation, no matter what form it takes.

If we have a lot of psychological anxieties, it could mean we’re insecure and worried. This issue has had a significant impact on our ability to reach our full potential. We live in an unpredictable world, and chaos has infiltrated our surroundings. Despite the remarkable surge in wages of the top 1% of the wealthy, I consider basic requirements such as housing to be a crisis. Unpredictability has far-reaching implications for the life we can imagine and create. The need for safety and its attendant needs for stability, certainty, predictability, coherence, continuity, and environmental confidence is the foundation upon which all others are met. The desire for safety is linked to a passion for comprehending events. The desire to mend the broken expectations is important too. Having a secure foundation allows us to take risks and experiment with new ideas and ways of being while also helping me to grow into the person we truly want to be.

We'll never have perfect control over our surroundings and things we could keep altering. As a result, stress and uncertainty would be roadblocks to self-actualization. The only certainty is that there is none; the only security is understanding how to live with insecurity.

To keep track of our self-actualization progress, we could start with real-world physics and see what's achievable. Thinking about how to be ten times better than before will help us reach our full potential. A ten per cent improvement suggests we're doing what everyone else is doing. We're not sure we'd fail badly, but we’re also not sure if we'd succeed brilliantly. Find a few hidden efficiencies and make little modifications to produce marginal advantages. Rethinking challenges, investigating what's technically achievable, and having fun in the process are all required for a thousand per cent improvement.

We need to see beyond our natural abilities and evolve into the person we need to grow, serve, and lead. It is more about adaptive service, investigating what needs to be fixed and extending into the person who can repair it, rather than finding our capabilities. I ask myself less about who I am and what I am good at, but more about what is expected of me to be of service here, and how I can grow into that or lead others to do so.

I can reach self-actualization by completing more high-impact tasks in my core subject of interest rather than simply getting more low-value work done. Because what we value differs, our expected value computation and others' could be different. To put it another way, our route to a happy life is distinct from that of others.

A rush of unrelated activities rarely leads to self-actualization. When I'm investigating, I don't have to choose between two possibilities. Finding our potential and mission in life is like finding true love. We have to go on many dates until we find the right person. There is no shortcut or magic in finding the right partner. It takes time and effort in building a relationship. It's no different when it comes to recognizing our ability. It takes time and effort to figure out what works best for us. Self-actualization is what makes us feel alive on the inside and helps us evolve as a whole person.

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