My journey to discover the Youtube algorithm

January 15, 2024

Last year during the Christmas holiday, I was bored at home and did some research about content creation. I am curious of unlocking the secret algorithm on YouTube to driving views, building an audience, and growing revenue streams. The journey was tough, filled with trials and errors, but it was also a path of discovery and learning.

2024 01 15

I began by creating videos, pouring my time and effort into each one. You can view it by clicking this link: Top 14 Must-Visit Restaurants in Hong Kong | Foodie's Guide. However, the initial views were close to zero, and the audience growth was stagnant. That's when I realized that, it was crucial to invest less time in unproductive strategies and stop wasting time on video editing. This epiphany led to the first major shift: focusing on what the audience wanted, not just on personal interests.

Taking inspiration from YouTube's own origin story, I understood that success often follows a series of failures and adjustments. YouTube itself had started as a different concept and pivoted based on user feedback and market needs. This meta-example was a beacon of hope and strategy for me.

To truly harness the power of the platform, I became a student of data. This meant changing my entire approach to content creation. Every video was now a data point, providing valuable insights into viewer preferences and behavior. I made data-driven decisions but always optimized for human engagement. After all, humans respond to storytelling, not just facts and figures.

I began crafting videos that resonated with viewers' emotions and interests. The content was no longer for self-expression but for the audience who eagerly awaited each upload. It was a shift from ego-centric to audience-centric content.

One of my video with most view is A.I. generate jazz music with deep learning, using a Long short-term memory (LSTM) Network:

I analyzed viewer behavior, engagement rates, and feedback, adjusting content strategies accordingly. This cycle of trying, failing, analyzing, and adjusting became the backbone of my journey.

Gradually, the efforts paid off. Views soared, and the audience grew. As of today, the view has grown to 3.8K so far:


My channel became a study in discovering of the YouTube's algorithm, understanding and catering to human behavior and preferences.

Through this journey, I learned that success on YouTube isn't just about creativity; it's about understanding and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of digital media. To unlock the Youtube algorithm, we need to become a master of storytelling (content is king) and a student of data (data is queen). If you like my Youtube channel, hit like, subscribe and share :)

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