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Does Hack Reactor makes you smarter?

December 22, 2014

Every morning, I awoke at 12 a.m. The alarm clock gets me up in the morning, and my ambition is to work as a software engineer. I was a remote student in Hong Kong, 16 hours ahead of San Francisco in terms of local time. Getting used to the time change wasn't simple. Even if you are genuinely excited about programming, the course material makes things even more complicated: recursion, hash table, pseudo-classical inheritance, Backbone, Express, and more recursive head. What else am I picking up from this setting?

Learn how to think critically. - Professional software engineers don't merely make outstanding products because they're good programmers. They are also sound engineers due to their attitude. One of the major considerations is how good they are with one framework. They are also quick and consistent learners. They communicate well and empathically, and they are motivated and inquisitive problem solvers. We cannot learn these abilities from books or online videos; instead, we must practice coding challenges, see how lecturers think, and learn from mentors' attitudes.

Learn from your more knowledgeable peers. - Many brilliant people participated in the coding Bootcamp, setting them apart from those who did not. Those who participate in the program differ from those who do not. They are clever and intelligent. Is my intelligence sufficient for this prestigious institution? I'm not certain. Impostor syndrome is a real thing. Collaboration with more intellectual people might be awkward at times since I may come across as a retard. But it also allows me to be more comfortable with making foolish mistakes, failing more frequently, and learning more quickly.

Is coding making me smarter? - I believe so, and anything we believe becomes a self-fulfilling truth once we believe it. Working with smart people improves the way I tackle challenges and think about them. There is always a better, more ideal, and simpler way to accomplish things. The more intellectual people you associate with, the more likely they are to teach you anything, and you will become more intelligent as a result.

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