On My Future Career in Management

March 29, 2021

My future professional path lies in management. Over the next six months, I aspire to become an effective manager—one who looks after the team, offers support, and takes responsibility for outcomes.

2021 03 29

In my experience, I've encountered a fair share of poor managers: those who blame their subordinates, raise their voices so the entire floor can hear, and reprimand employees with baseless accusations in the middle of the night. I once had a manager who only interacted with her favorite long-term team members, rarely engaging with newcomers. Such managers may be able to complete tasks, but their ascent to higher positions often results in poor leadership. This made me question, "Can this style of management ever be effective in a leadership role?"

Within the next two years, I aim to lead a larger team and community. Many people desire leadership roles solely for the power, seeking to control others and serve their own interests. Individuals with such motives shouldn't remain in their positions for long. Sadly, no democratic system can fully eliminate this kind of bureaucracy, which often leads to corruption and the disintegration of the entire group. We should all aim to be servant leaders, understanding that our authority comes from the people, is exercised for the people, and is accountable to the people. We are nothing without those we lead, and it is our mission to improve everyone's lives and help them achieve their goals.

Five years from now, I hope to serve as a director, making an even greater contribution to society. By leveraging my knowledge, experience, and data analysis skills, I aim to make optimal decisions for our team—decisions that will put our collective efforts to good use rather than wasting them. It would be frustrating to see a team work hard only to head in the wrong direction. It's important to accomplish something that goes beyond individual aspirations, creating a culture where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work and aren't bogged down by toxic office politics.

I've come to realize that the potential for making a positive impact on a community, one that benefits everyone involved, holds greater significance in our lives than achieving personal career milestones.

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