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Victor Leung
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On my career in the future

March 29, 2021

My future professional path would be in management. In the next six months, I want to be a good manager who looks after the team, is supportive, and takes responsibility for the outcome.

In my work, I've seen a lot of bad managers: people that blame their subordinates, rant until the whole floor hears them, and reprimand at midnight with useless blaming. I had a manager that only worked with her favourite old members and seldom engaged with new ones. This type of manager could complete tasks, but they were promoted to the top and became bad. "Can this style of management perform well as a leader?" I wondered.

I want to serve as a leader for a larger team and community in the next two years. Many people aspire to be leaders for the sake of power, control others, and serve for their gain. People who have this perspective should not stay in their jobs for very long. Unfortunately, no democratic system can remove this bureaucracy, which leads to corruption and the collapse of the entire group. We should all strive to be servant leaders, realizing that we are exercising power over the people, for the people, and by the people. We are nothing without the people, and it is our mission to make everyone's life and aspirations better.

In five years, I want to be a director and make a greater contribution to society by using my knowledge, experience, and data to make the best decisions for our team, making the teamwork useful rather than squandered. It would be aggravating if the unit put in a lot of effort yet ended up travelling in the wrong way. It would be significant to accomplish something bigger than ourselves and create a culture where employees love coming to work instead of being distracted by toxic workplace politics.

I've realized that the possibility of making a positive contribution to the community that benefits everyone is more significant to our lives than personal career achievement.

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Software development professional with expertise in application architecture, cloud solutions deployment, and financial products development. Possess a Master's degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance. Highly skilled in AWS (Certified Solutions Architect, Developer and SysOps Administrator), GCP (Professional Cloud Architect), Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes(CKA, CKAD, CKS, KCNA), and Scrum(PSM, PSPO) methodologies.

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