On My Leisure Activities in the Future

March 27, 2021

Learning new things will be my primary leisure activity. There are numerous methods for learning, such as reading, listening, and hands-on practice.

2021 03 27

I plan to study books and learn from industry professionals by regularly visiting libraries. Although some of these authors may no longer be alive, their historical perspectives can still provide valuable insights. In addition to the knowledge I gain firsthand, the insights I acquire from others can be quite meaningful. By reading practical books, I can also learn specific skills and topical knowledge at my own pace. Keeping up with newspapers and periodicals will further enhance my understanding of the world.

Another effective learning method is listening, which could be through podcasts, YouTube videos, or even our daily interactions. By focusing on extracting relevant information, I can absorb new knowledge in various contexts, especially when I don't have the time to sit down and read. Listening to audiobooks or lectures is an excellent approach because some presenters are particularly engaging, making the subject matter more enjoyable than reading alone.

Lastly, the best way to acquire a new skill is to practice it. This applies to areas such as coding, public speaking, and leadership. To improve, one must practice consistently and seek feedback. Writing down what I've learned in blog articles and sharing my thoughts in everyday conversations can help solidify new facts and deepen my understanding of new concepts.

Overall, the process of learning brings me personal fulfillment and is far from being a waste of time. While the learning process can sometimes be frustrating, it is often rewarding and enjoyable once obstacles are overcome. Having a study plan that covers a range of topics—including both technical knowledge and soft skills—will not only enrich my life but also improve my productivity and efficiency in completing tasks and dealing with uncertainties.

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