The Qualities I Admire in Leadership - Steve Jobs and Lee Kuan Yew

March 30, 2021

If I could invite anyone in the world to dinner, Steve Jobs and Lee Kuan Yew would be my top choices. While it's another matter whether they would accept my invitation, I greatly admire the quality of leadership they embody.

2021 03 31

Steve Jobs was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. His story is inspiring because he co-founded Apple, overcame numerous challenges, and disrupted entire industries with inventions like the iPhone. Jobs was a compelling leader who inspired millions globally to purchase Apple products. His exceptional presentation skills made even complex technology seem accessible. By dropping out of college to follow his interests, like calligraphy, he influenced the design of the first Macintosh computer. Jobs was unafraid to make major life decisions based on his own convictions. This led him to start Pixar, another highly successful venture. His work was remarkable because he followed his passions and had a clear vision for the future.

Another leader I deeply admire is Lee Kuan Yew, whose stewardship dramatically improved the quality of life in Singapore. Despite facing numerous challenges initially, he took responsibility for the well-being of his citizens. Lee's vision for Singapore has stood the test of time, elevating the standard of living for generations. A motivational speaker, he won people's admiration by dedicating his life to the betterment of his country. Lee demonstrated strong leadership qualities, leading with charisma and unwavering determination even amid uncertainty.

His role was pivotal in Singapore gaining independence and in successfully combating various crises and dark forces that threatened the nation. Faced with life-or-death scenarios, Lee showed extraordinary courage and instinct. His adept political skills enabled him to challenge the communist party of his era and build trust and credibility during crises.

I aspire to embody the attributes of these two great men to contribute positively to the world.

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