Steve Jobs and Lee Kwan Yew would be my dinner guests if I could invite anyone in the world. It’s another story if they’d accept my invitation, but leadership is a quality I admire. One of the most successful entrepreneurs is Steve Jobs. His tale is inspiring because he founded Apple, overcame all challenges, and disrupted industries with the iPhone.

He is a compelling leader who inspires millions of people to buy Apple products all over the world. To demonstrate the merchandise, he has exceptional presenting skills. He took the risk of dropping out of college and making decisions he believed were correct. He was free to pursue his interest in calligraphy, which influenced the design of the first Macintosh computer.

He had a vision for the future, worked out what he wanted to do with his life, and pursued it. He started Pixar, one of the most successful animation studios, and his remarkable work sprang from his ability to do what he liked. He had the philosophy to make major life decisions and to think for himself.

Another individual who I admire is Lee Kwan Yew. His leadership improved the quality of life in Singapore. It was a trying time at first, but he accepted responsibility for his people. He triumphed over all adversity, and time has proven that his vision was accurate.

He helped to improve the standard of living for generations of Singaporeans. He was motivational and delivered excellent talks. People admired him because he committed his life to the country. He was a capable leader with the charisma to lead the shift amid uncertainty. He is a legendary figure who wields power. He was determined and earnest in his intentions.

His leadership was important in Singapore’s independence and in combating dark forces and crises. He was in a life-or-death scenario, yet he had the courage and instincts to prevail. With his political skills, he stood up and challenged the communist party at the time. During the crises, he built trust and credibility. I aspire to have these two great guys’ attributes to make the world a better place.