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Swipe left or swift right?

March 31, 2021

Are you a single person? Are you single or married? Maybe you're married, but you're still available? Those who are single or married but available realize how difficult it is to find love.

I'm a regular user of dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, Hinge, and so on. Apps for dating are cruel. Allow me to explain how it works. When you see a profile photo, swipe left to reject it and swipe right to meet and communicate with the person. The majority of the time, I simply got fast and departed. I didn't even get a chance to tell you about myself or tell you about my stories.

Here's what I posted in the education portion of my dating profile. If this could impress a girl, I have three different university degrees. In these degrees, allow me to tell you three stories. That is all there is to it. It's not a huge deal. There are only three stories.

A bachelor's degree in chemistry from the Faculty of Science is the initial step.

I used to be a dreamer in high school, but my girlfriend was a realist. I was the president of the student union at the time, organizing events instead of studying. On the other hand, my girlfriend was the top student in class, receiving straight As in all courses and focusing solely on getting good results on public exams. We had two dreams that were completely different.

Following the public exams, we enrolled on two different universities. Chemistry was my first choice because I enjoy science. My girlfriend enrolled in business school to ensure a steady salary. I took her to a nearby Hong Kong island during the summer school holidays. She, on the other hand, desired to visit Europe. The issue was that I didn't have enough money to fly to Europe. She explained that it is not about the money; it is about my desire to work hard and earn more money for a brighter future for our family. As a result, she ended our relationship and began dating someone else. He went to business school in the hopes of obtaining a greater salary. She walked away from me. "Come on, Victor, can you be more mature?" she challenged me before she disappeared.

My master's degree in computer science from Engineering School is my second degree.

My ex-girlfriend was correct in leaving me. Following graduation, I took a low-paying job in a laboratory with long hours. So I resigned from my position and went on a working holiday to Australia. After that, when I returned to Hong Kong, I was unable to find work. As a result, I majored in programming and went on to work as a software engineer. After a few years of work experience, the recruiter would ask me, "Hey, but your degree is in Chemistry?" every time I went for a job interview for a software engineer position. As a result, I chose to pursue a master's degree in computer science.

On a dating app at the time, I met a new girlfriend. She was an extrovert, whereas I was an introvert. I was a software developer who spent more time talking to computers than people. She worked as a relationship manager for a Chinese bank, where she spoke with customers and sold financial products. It meant she earned a bigger salary than I did, which made me feel insecure.

We began dating more frequently, and I became increasingly attracted to her. One day, one trivial matter, like wearing a bikini, caused our breakup. We got into an argument and started fighting. I wanted to shield her, but she eventually decided to attend a social gathering in a bikini. I was self-conscious, so I asked if she could put on a one-piece swimsuit instead. My reason: I didn't want her to reveal her body. I was trying to protect her, but she mistook me for a control freak. So she dumped me after breaking up with me. "Come on, Victor, can you be more mature?" she said before she departed.

Finally, I earned my MBA, or master of business administration, from a business school.

I want a better job and more money after my second degree, so I'm pursuing an MBA. As an introvert, I get out of my comfort zone and begin to network with others. And that includes a lot of drinking.

Then I met and fell in love with a Korean woman. She looked mature, and I never knew her exact age. I dare not ask her. Age is a well-guarded secret for women, and they are so concerned about it that it is impolite to inquire. My best guess is that she's a year or two older than me. However, I'm not sure if Asian women stay in shape and age gracefully.

She referred to me as "Oppa," which Korean women refer to their boyfriends and means "older brother," despite being younger than she. In jest, I was being a jerk and calling her "Noona," which means older sister. She didn't think it was amusing. She thought it was insensitive and foolish.

We went to Australia together since I could afford it with my current income. She did, however, send me a Kakao chat message one day. "Let's just be friends," she said. Instead, she preferred a mature man, one who could afford her way of life, one who could look after her, and one who could flirt with her. With my jokes, I was too young and stupid. She walked away from me. "Come on, Victor, can you be more mature?" she encouraged me before she went.

So, after all of these relationships, I had to think about myself. It's past time for me to mature and act like a grown-up man. I'm back in the game now, and I'm using dating apps. I introduced myself as a chemist with a computer science degree and an MBA. When I was younger, I was a dreamer, but today I am more pragmatic. I used to be an introvert, but I've conquered my fear to share this tale with you. I used to be a knucklehead in relationships, but now I'm a responsible adult. Would you prefer to swipe left or right on me?

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