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On improving our habits

March 27, 2021

We can change our habits and get healthier. Physical, dietary, and mental health are the three aspects of health.

Frequent exercise is essential for physical fitness and maintaining a healthy body. Every week, I go for at least thirty minutes jogging along the river. Instead of sitting all day indoors on weekends, I would go cycling or swimming. These activities aid in the release of dopamine in the brain, which helps to regulate our mood and prevent depression. I get too busy or lazy to get out and disturb my fitness routine at times. To stay motivated to exercise, I'd need to make a calendar and join a community.

Second, we'd have to eat nutritious foods like veggies and fruits. As we become older, our body metabolism slows down, and a large tummy would make our body shape unattractive. To lose weight, we'd have to restrict our caloric intake while burning more calories than we consume. In a covid lockdown, we work from home and spend the entire day in front of the computer, burning down very few calories. We should limit our intake of sugary soft beverages like ordinary coke and ice lemon tea.

Finally, we would have to improve our mental health. The goal is to achieve a better work-life balance and expand our social network to receive more emotional support from family and friends. Maintaining positive relationships with others and contributing to the community is crucial. This objective would have an impact on both our happiness and our sense of purpose in life. Instead of being timid and hiding in the corner, we'd have to get into the habit of growing our network and meeting new people. I'd develop my public speaking and communication skills by making little effort every day to improve on the previous day.

Overall, having a healthy body and mind is required to survive in our environment and become successful individuals.

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