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My goal to be healthier

April 23, 2021

I honestly believe that working for a better lifestyle is critical. It's a requirement for our professional, relationship, and survival goals in this unpredictable world.

If we didn't work hard to attain our values, we'd be embarrassed by ourselves and feel bad about it. We want to be healthier, not for the sake of pleasing others. We're pursuing this goal since the situation we're in appears to need it.

The truth is that when we exercise, we think better. The increased blood volume in the dentate gyrus, an important component of the hippocampus, improves our memory. High blood flow in the brain is the result of this activity.

We'd make it happen by making small, manageable goals like 10,000 steps per day, three days of exercise per week, and seven hours of sleep every night. Exercise is the foundation of a successful day. Mindfulness, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep are all things we can do to stay healthy.

Serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline are chemical messengers that help to regulate our bodily functions. They influence our cognitive behaviour patterns and are released in response to our activities. Exercise has been shown to affect the course of sadness and anxiety. According to research, a patient with depression who participates in an aerobic exercise program has the same effect as taking an antidepressant to alleviate depression. It makes us happy after we workout, making us both pleasurable and rewarding.

Furthermore, taking a daily twenty-minute walk lowers the risk of stroke by more than 57 per cent. Exercise is a powerful short-term solution to the destructive effects of stress. It gives long-term protection and provides a powerful long-term remedy to the damaging effects of stress. There is no natural therapy that is more effective at flushing the stress hormone cortisol from our system. A brief run, a strenuous stroll, or a swim can help us relax and unwind after a long day at work.

Personal health is important to us, and it may be utilized to inspire long-term change. If I am sick or dying, earning a promotion to vice president of my organization doesn’t matter much. However, if we believe that specific activities will help us enhance our health, we should take them.

Maintaining a workout routine changes the way we think about how we spend our time. Other aspects of our personal life might alter due to better health, such as higher productivity at work and leisure time studying. It would also impact how others perceive us since we would appear less stressed and more friendly.

It is simpler for us to be surrounded by good, healthy individuals than it is to be surrounded by bad, ill people. An ideal individual is good and healthy. To stand up near such a person takes courage and fortitude. Have a sense of humour. Have some bravery. Protect us against uncritical compassion and pity by using our judgment. Make friends with those who genuinely care about our well-being.

Attending to this healthy goal would most likely impact the lives of those around us, as we would eat better and exercise more. If we could be more energetic – mentally, emotionally, and physically – we could also create a social impact. We'd be better performers, and we wouldn't have to sacrifice our health to achieve success.

Self-isolation not only makes us unhappy, but it also harms our health. The dangers of social isolation are likely to outweigh the risks of smoking, which causes heart disease and death. Every day on different social occasions, we may avoid engaging with other people, but we should convert the loneliness to a cheerful conversation. We would be mentally better and less lonely if we could always try to communicate with other people. At the same time, the other person would benefit from the relationship and become more mentally healthy due to it. It would be easier to maintain excellent behaviours if you did so with others.

Marking the time to exercise in our calendar would be one of the precise techniques for achieving our goals. Each day, I set up a timetable, starting at 6 a.m. to jog for an hour along the river and 7 p.m., to swim for an hour at the pool. This sub-goal would be easier to attain, yet it is still necessary to achieve my larger goals.

Instead of staying at home gazing at a computer screen all day on weekends, we could go cycling, kayaking, or hiking to be active. Thus participating early in the morning is more motivating. It's also more fun to join in with the community and attend those events with friends.

We should avoid eating unhealthy foods like McDonald's at lunch and dinner. Instead, a balanced diet should include fish and vegetables. Eating at a consistent time is also healthier than eating at random times. In addition, we'd have to limit our intake of sweets and soft drinks. It's best to avoid buying soda and ice cream at the grocery store so that there's less temptation in our room. We won't need to exert self-control if we load our fridge with nutritious foods instead of processed foods since healthy foods will become our default option. Cooking at home can sometimes be more beneficial than eating out since we use less oil and salt, resulting in less palatable food.

A good diet can be considered a technique for achieving remarkable goals because it will provide us with more energy rather than fatigue. We'd also look into the bad example and habits to prevent making the same mistakes when putting our strategy into action. It would be too late if we didn't begin early to be health-conscious, as human life expectancy is expected to rise. If short-term suffering from regular exercise prevents long-term suffering from a serious sickness, we should choose the proper thing to suffer from because life is suffering regardless.

Laziness is one of the potential roadblocks to our aim. It's difficult for us to get out and exercise when we're too comfortable in our bed with air conditioning. It's tempting to give up my daily exercise routines and go home to rest when we're too busy at work and too tired after work. When it's raining or too chilly outside, I prefer to read books at an indoor library rather than running or swimming. When I am at rest, I experience inertia. Unless I make an effort to vary my movements, I will tend to remain at rest.

To get around this stumbling block, we could reduce the amount of friction required to exercise. For example, we could bring our swimming suit to work so that going swimming after work requires no effort. We could go running in a local spot that doesn't involve too much travel time. We might be wearing sports shoes most of the time so that changing shoes isn't a hassle and we don't have to stop jogging. To retain our workout habits, we may also consider the potential advantage that outweighs the danger of staying at home.

The convenience of junk food may disrupt our healthy diet plan. McDonald's, for example, is open 24 hours a day and is just around the corner from my house. Due to promotional discounts on the meal delivery service, I may also order unhealthy food. I stock my kitchen with healthy foods that I can prepare instead of eating out to avoid this. The ideal option is to eat out once a week, while the worst is to dine out three times a week. It would be perfect if we could locate some healthy alternatives to consume. We should endeavour to make it as easy as possible for people to exercise and eat nutritious foods. By considering the long term, we can overcome any challenges.

We may use a smartphone app to track our progress toward our healthier goal by counting the steps we take each day. We should walk more than 10,000 steps every day, on average. I want to reach this objective by my 31st birthday on July 31, to make it my new year's resolution and keep myself motivated. The acceptable evidence that I am progressing toward my stated objective is the Google Fit app travel log. I'd have to keep track of my actions daily.

Besides, my waist size would probably be a good indicator of whether or not I'm ingesting calories to expand my tummy. To keep my physical shape, I'd have to burn more calories than I consume. If I could keep the exercise log at least three times a week, I'd be happy with my progress. To make sure I'm not too easy on myself, I'll jog the entire length of the river and swim as many laps as feasible.

I may listen to my favourite podcast while jogging to stay informed about current news or learn something new to avoid boredom. To prevent overworking myself on a healthy diet, I'd give myself permission and a quota to indulge in unhealthy food at most once a week if required.

The indication in my phone that measures my weight and waistline is the yardstick by which I assess my success. This way, I can keep track of my progress. Other biological indications to monitor, such as heartbeat and blood pressure, necessitating the use of more sophisticated wearables.

It's not easy to know whether we're making progress toward important goals in a concrete way. I maintain the specific Google Health app step counter, and my waist size is very easy to monitor for my performance. It would be too time-consuming if I started counting every calorie that I consumed.

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